YouTube StoryTime Ideas

YouTube Storytimes have been around since the dawn of vlogging. People love sharing their stories with their audience. You’re probably here to get some ideas for your own storytime video.

What is a Storytime Video?
A Storytime video is a video blog of a time when something happened in your life based on a real event for example a breakup. In this storytime you share the details of the event and the situation surrounding it.

You explain, What happened, how it happened and why it happened.

Storytime Video Ideas

  1. An awkward/terrible date
  2. Embarrassing Childhood Stories
  3. First Time Moving Away From Home
  4. Paranormal/Ghost Stories You’ve Witnessed.
  5. Meeting a celebrity for the first time
  6. Living with crazy housemates
  7. Bad hair stories
  8. Times you got in trouble at school
  9. Breaking up with a crazy ex / I got Dumped
  10. Losing a friend or family member

11. The Best/Worst year of my life
12. Spring Break Experience
13. Solo Travelling
14. Best/Weirdest Uber Rides
15. Embarrassing Party Stories
16. Coming Out Story
17. Best Friend Stories
18. Cringy “The Talk” Story from your parents
19. The Time I Got Scammed
20. Being Catfished

21. Meeting an online friend in real life
22. Crazy college experiences
23. ASMR Storytime
24. I got bullied Storytime
25. Near death experience
26. First time abroad storytime
27. My First job storytime.
28. Getting Grounded for (Insert reason here)
29. Fake Friend Storytime
30. Pregnancy Storytime

31. Valentines Day Storytime
32. My Time in hospital storytime
33. I got robbed
34. First time smoking/doing (Insert Something Here)
35. Ouija Board Storytime
36. First Period Storytime
37. I got arrested storytime.
38. I got Hacked
39. BoyFriend/Girlfriend How we met storytime
40. Why I Quit my Job Storytime.

How to make a Storytime Video

To create a storytime video you have to have an experience in your past that you can create a story around. Obviously you must create this based on a true experience in your past.

When creating a storytime, you will have to structure the story before you even turn on the camera. So write out your story, introduction and lead into it, the juicy part and the conclusion of the story. Many YouTubers make the story dramatic through the way they tell the story in order to keep viewers hooked, but often times it doesnt need dramatizing because the story is probably wild enough!

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