YouTube Challenges

YouTube Challenges make up a lot of the content people watch on YouTube. If you’re looking for YouTube Challenge Ideas or want to know more about different challenges we have listed some of the most popular challenges available on YouTube to date!

What Are YouTube Challenges?

YouTube Challenges are fun tasks you can do and try to accomplish. Some of these challenges are hard to do that’s why they’re a challenge! Challenges have been around on Youtube for many years, for example, one of the oldest challenges is the accent challenge.

YouTube Challenge Ideas

The Jaywalk Challenge – The Jaywalk challenge is a challenge that went viral at the start of 2019, This is an absolutely hilarious challenge, you “jaywalk” in random public places.

The Pause Challenge – Remember the movie Click with Adam Sandler? The pause challenge is YouTube Equivalent. In this challenge, you need two people to participate. Once the other person pauses you, you must freeze until you get unpaused. 

The Silent Challenge – The Silent challenge is a challenge where you’re given a bunch of items such as a can of soda, packet of lays, and a carrot. You have to open, eat/drink these items making the lease sound possible using a noise level meter.

The Microwave Challenge – This challenge originated from TikTok in feburary 2019, some said it came from the KPop band BTS. In the microwave challenge you have to sit down and spin like you’re in a microwave. Its a tricky one to explain but heres a video:

Backside Challenge – The backside challenge is yet another tik tok challenge, where people doing the challenge disguise the front of their bodies to look like the backside of their bodies (thus the name!) in sync with Loser’s “They did surgery on Tracer”. 

Hide and Seek Challenge – Hide and Seek challenge is exactly what it sounds like, you play hide and seek on camera but in insane hiding spots. Check out what where David Vlas’ friends hid in this crazy challenge:

The Accent Challenge – The accent challenge is one of YouTube’s oldest challenges. There are two types of accent challenge, the tumblr accent challenge where you have to list off a lot of words in your own accent and the Ellen accent challenge where you must try and imitate others accents and the other person tries to guess where the accent is from. You can find out more about this challenge here.

The Cinnamon Challenge
The cinnamon challenge is an absolute classic, everyone remembers GloZell Browne’s Cinnamon challenge. In this challenge, you have to eat a spoon of cinnamon and try your hardest not to cough it all up. You more than likely will end up in a cloud of cinnamon!

The Tin Can Challenge
In the tin can challenge, you go to the store and purchase random tins of food. I would buy 9 different cans food, ranging from delicious to disgusting, it can even be dog food. You take the labels off the cans, and eat the contents of the can to guess what it is, the more you get right the more you win.

Chubby Bunny Challenge
In the chubby bunny challenge, you stuff your mouth with marshmallows and say chubby bunny. You start off with one and see how many you can fit in your mouth and audibly say chubby bunny without eating any.

Can’t Say No Challenge – This challenge is pretty self-explanatory, In this challenge, you cannot say no for a certain number of hours or a whole day. Depending on the people around you this challenge can get pretty extreme. Check out some of the vlogs people have done with this challenge:

Try not to sing along challenge – The try not to sing along challenge is a challenge where you play a video with multiple songs that are impossible not to sing along to. You have to resist singing along to them in order to win.

Try not to say wow challenge – Are you, Owen Wilson? In this challenge, you have to try not to say ‘WoW” you’ll be shown some clips that will make it impossible not to say that word!

Ghost Pepper Challenge – In this challenge, you have to eat one of the hottest peppers on the planet. The Ghost pepper. Make sure you have some milk or Ice cream at the ready because unless you have a mouth and stomach of steel you’re gonna need it!

Boyfriend Does My Make-Up Challenge
In this challenge you need to grab your boyfriend, your make up bag and all of your courage as in this challenge your boyfriend will be doing your make up!

Hoverboard Challenge – Hoverboard’s are the thing of 2016 dreams, in the hoverboard challenge you do a range of different positions on a hoverboard

Fortnite Dance Challenge – In the Fortnite dance challenge you have to do the Fortnite dances. This tag is frequently done by Fortnite YouTubers such as Lazarbeam and Loserfruit.

Not My Hands Challenge – In this, not my hand’s challenge, you will try to do a number of things like eating food, go grocery shopping and other tasks without using your hands. You will need another person for this challenge so why not create a collab?

Two Step Challenge – Two Step Challenge is a dancing challenge where you do the two step dance then upload it to YouTube. This is part of the #TheMovement from YouTuber –

Try not to laugh Challenge – In the try not to laugh challenge, its pretty explanatory you try not to laugh. You watch a collection of Hilarious YouTube Videos or Vines and try not to laugh throughout the video. If you laugh you’re out!

Try not to eat challenge – The try not to eat challenge is one of those challenges where you’re offered some great tasting food and you’re tempted to eat. Some YouTubers have done this challenge when really hungry or stoned.

7 Second Challenge – The 7 Second Challenge is a challenge where you have to do a task in under 7 seconds? This can be anything you want. Check out our 77 Ideas for the 7 Second Challenge.

Don’t look away challenge – In this video, you try not to look away from the video that is shown. Usually, these videos are either disgusting such as pimple popping or tasteless and you try not to look away for as long as you can.

The Oreo Challenge – This Challenge was created by EvanTubeHD, In this challenge you are blindfolded and you taste a variety of different oreo’s then guess which oreo it is. If you’re correct you get a point. You will need 2 or more players for this challenge!

Sour Candy/Warhead Challenge – In the Sour Candy/Warhead Challenge you have to eat as many warheads as you can in a certain time period or keep as many warheads in your mouth for as long as possible similar to that of the chubby bunny challenge.

Brain Freeze Challenge – In the brain freeze challenge, you sit in a bathtub full of freezing cold water with a lot of ice until you answer a question correctly. Here are a list of Brain Freeze Challenge Question and Answers. This tag was created by YouTube’s Caspar Lee.

McNugget Challenge – McNugget challenge is a challenge where you have to eat as many McNuggets as you can in a certain time period, this can also be a calorie challenge eating a certain amount of calories in the form of McNuggets. Grab your favorite sauces because you’re gonna need them!

Yoga Challenge – In the yoga challenge you do a number of yoga poses.

Exploding watermelon Challenge – In this challenge, you need to get a watermelon and as many rubber bands as you can! You’re going to be putting rubber bands on a watermelon until it explodes!

100 Layer Challenge – The 100 Layers challenge first appeared in 2016 and took YouTube by storm. This in this challenge you have to apply 100 layers of an item on you, this can be anything from beauty products to clothes etc.

Whipped Cream Challenge – The Whipped cream challenge or the whipped cream flip challenge is a challenge from where you put whipped cream on your nose then try and flip it into your mouth.

Blindfolded Makeup Challenge – In the blindfolded makeup challenge you or another person does the others make up while blindfolded as best as you can!

Slang Challenges – In the slang challenge, you must say the slang word and guess what it means. The slang challenge contains slang from a variety of different countries and can be hard to guess what the word actually means as its so different from the meaning! This is a really fun one to do with friends from other places!

McDonalds Challenge – In the McDonalds Challenge, you order a large number of items on the menu or a large amount of one item on the menu and eat it all on camera. This challenge can be a calorie type of challenge, consuming a large number of calories. This challenge is good for fitness YouTubers or YouTubers who want to do mukbang type videos.

Smoothie Challenge – In the smoothie challenge you get a variety of ingredients ranging from normal smoothie ingredients to random ingredients. it can be anything you have in your kitchen that’s edible.
You randomly pick these ingredients, put them into a blender and then drink the final result! We hope it isn’t too disgusting!

Bottle Flip Challenge – The Bottle flip challenge took the world by storm back in 2015, in this challenge you partially fill a bottle of water, flip it in the air and get it to land upright without falling over.

Speed Drawing Challenge – In the speed drawing challenge, you have to choose a drawing to draw in 10 minutes, 5 minutes and 1 Minute to see how each looks. You try to complete the drawing in the time available to you. this is a great challenge for YouTube Drawing Artists.

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