Whats On My Phone Tag

The Whats On My Phone Tag is a 25 question tag that delves into the sacred relationship between you and your mobile phone! In this tag you’re viewers will know what phone you have, if you’re tidy or not, as well as what you use your phone for on the daily!

While phones are probably one of the most personal devices we use, this can make for a tricky tag to make!

Whats On My Phone Tag Questions

1.What Phone Do You Have

2. How Many Gigabites do you have on your phone?

3. What colour is it and why did you pick it?

4. What is your wallpaper/screensaver

5. How frequently do you download apps?

6. What are the most used apps on your phone?

7. Do you use folders to organize Apps?

8. Who was the last person you texted?

9. What is your relationship with that person?

10. What mobile provider are you with and why?

11. Android or iPhone and why?

12. Open your photo gallery, scroll down to photo number 7 (Most recent) What is it of?

13. What app do you use to listen to music?

14. Whats your most played song?

15. WhatsApp, iMessage, Instagram or WeChat for Messaging?

16. How many texts do you send per day?

17. What is your next phone upgrade?

18. How frequently do you clear out apps you don’t use?

19. What was your first mobile phone?

20. What Photo editing applications do you use on your phone

21. Do you ever let people look through your phone?

22. How many Notifications do you receive a day?

23. What earphones do you use with your phone?

24. What App could you not live without?

25. Have you ever smashed the screen on your phone?

How to do the Whats On My Phone Tag Questions

The whats on my phone tag is very easy to do, all you need is to read out the questions and give an answer. It helps to have the questions printed out, or on another device if you are looking through your phone to answer the questions.

If you’re making a video of the Whats on My Phone Tag, set up your camera, make sure everything is ready and have fun! Drop a comment below with your video!

Whats On My Phone Tag Video

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