What is a YouTube Partnership Network?

What is a YouTube Multi-Channel Network?
A YouTube partnership network is a network that creates an affiliation with multiple channels to benefit both parties, you the content creator and the network themselves. In most circumstances with networks, they will provide you resources in order to benefit you in order to grow your youtube channel and viewership through promotion, channel and audience develop and management of your YouTube career if they are thoroughly involved in return for a share of your income (Ad-Revenue) through the monitization of your videos.YouTubeNetwork

There are a multitude of networks out there and if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already received an offer from a youtube network through mail asking if you want to join their network. Choosing the right network for your YouTube channel can be quite difficult due to the wide variety of networks available and weighing up the pros and cons.

Ad-Revenue and CPM
When you join a network, any eligible videos are monetized through ads placed on your videos, this will allow you to maximise your monetisation on your videos. Most networks pay per 1000 views, this is called CPM. The CPM varies and no network can offer you a minimum CPM as it depends on the advertiser who wants to display their ads on your videos. When joining a network, they may offer you the opportunity to do sponsored videos where a company pays you to speak or make a video on a certain topic which will boost your revenue, as well as the opportunity to do product placements.

Network Contracts
Most networks come with contracts which may be for extended periods of time such as a standard 2 year contract under the network. In this contract it will specify how much revenue share the company will take from your Ad-Revenue in exchange for the partnership and their services. In most cases this can be anywhere from 10% to 50% of your earnings. The contract will also specify what services and resources you can expect from the network in return for the revenue share such as promotion, sales, branding, marketing and community engagement for your channel. Some contracts can even detail intellectual property rights to your channel and character (for example, DailyGrace and the MyDamnChannel Network).

Signing a contract is not something that should be taken lightly as it can affect your youtube career for better or for worse. When going through a contract read it very carefully and anything you don’t fully understand, ask the network for clarification or seek advice from a contract lawyer.
If you decide to leave a network your contract must permit you to do so. Although your channel is still part of the youtube partnership program, youtube have no involvement in releasing your account from the contract so it must be done directly through the network itself.

What Networks Are Available?
As stated above, there are a lot of YouTube networks out there some quite large and others growing. Most popular MCN’s you may have heard of include Machinima, Maker Studios, FullScreen, Vevo, ZEFR, BroadBandTV (BBTV) , Creative Nation. Some Networks are specialized, meaning that they only partner with content creators in that genre or niche such as Vevo with musicians and Machinima with gamers.

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