Top 10 Fortnite YouTubers

While the Fortnite craze has settled a bit, Fornite remains to be one of the biggest games. This has not only grown some new content creators in the scene, but attracted some of the biggest names to the game. Here, we will name our top 10 Fortnite YouTubers that are a must watch.

1. Ninja

It is impossible to know about Fortnite but not Ninja. Since Fortnite’s launch, Ninja has blown up on both Twitch and YouTube, currently with 14,700,000 followers on Twitch, and an astounding 22,400,000 million subscribers on YouTube. Ninja has long became the face of Fortnite, a channel every Fortnite player at least has to check out once. Ninja is extremely entertaining, and frequently interacts with his chat. Not to mention, Ninja is one of the best players out there, with a multitude of insane clutches and plays on his Youtube channel.

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2. McCreamy

McCreamy releases weekly videos on his YouTube channel. While certainly not the most active YouTuber out there, his videos are one of the highest quality out there. McCreamy’s videos are well edited and are almost never complete gameplays. Instead, there is never a minute without action, the videos primarily being a compilation of trick shots, clutches and overall, amazing game play. The channel also rarely uses click bait titles and thumbnails, something we all hate. 

3. Kiwiz

Kiwiz uploads fairly regularly, with anywhere from 4-8 videos per week depending on the frequency of highlights. Kiwiz is an extremely hypey and charismatic YouTuber, with a ton of energy in all his videos. While not all people enjoy this, it certainly is very entertaining for a large number of people, making Kiwiz one of the top Fortnite YouTubers out there. His videos are primarily complete gameplays, with a mild amount of editing in each. This type of video style includes both gameplay highlights and his thoughts throughout the game, allowing viewers to better improve their own Fortnite gameplay. 

4. Vikkstar123

While Vikkstar123’s schedule is pretty hectic, with some months pumping out loads of content, and others being dry. Vikkstar123 is no doubt, one of the most loved content creators, with over 5,600,000 YouTube subscribers. His videos always cover the latest content despite being absent from YouTube after a few days or weeks. The channel also contains a large amount of Fortnite challenge / speed run videos, creating a good amount of entertaining variety on the channel. His videos on average are one of the longer ones out there, with actual content and not simply filler. Another highlight about the channel is that Vikkstar123 never simply pushes his videos to the 10 minute mark, demonstrating he truly cares about the quality of the content.

5. Bugha

Bugha has recently blew up in the Fortnite content scene after signing to the Sentinals and latter winning the prestigious Fortnite World Cup 2019 – Solo Finals, one of esport’s biggest events, taking home an astounding $3,000,000 USD. Despite being on 16, and now a millionaire, Bugha still continues to create Fortnite content and compete in various tournaments. This demonstrates Bugha is not only one of the most talented players in the world, but is also filled with passion for the game. 

6. Ali-A

Ali-A uploads between 5-7 videos every week, keeping a healthy stream of content in his Youtube channel. Ali-A has previously started out making Call of Duty videos, finding an extremely dedicated following on YouTube. As the Fortnite craze hit, Ali-A, along with many other YouTubers transitioned to the game. This only further propelled his channel to success. Carrying his amazing mechanics from Call of Duty into Fortnite, Ali’A became one of the game’s greatest Youtubers. Ali-A commentates a fair amount during his videos, presenting an opportunity for those wanting to improve, to do so. 

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7. TBNRFrags

TBNRFrag’s videos are always different unlike the repetition trap a large number of Fortnite YouTuber fall into, especially in order for them to churn out YouTube videos. The channel uploads fairly decently, usually 2-3 videos a week with a runtime average around 18-19 minutes. Without a doubt another channel full of energy, a channel is a must check out, and will almost certainly cheer you up, and gear your up for a game yourself. Given the large variety of videos, any new viewer will without a doubt be able to easily binge watch past videos. TBNRFrags is certainly one of the most creative YouTubers out there having uploaded new Fortnite content for almost 2 years.

8. Pokimane

While Pokimane had originally been a League of Legends Streamer / Youtuber, she had gained real exposure through Fortnite, completely blowing up, now with 3,900,000 YouTube subscribers. Pokimane’s videos are a combination of Solo Fornite gameplay, and duo game with a number of famous names in the scene. While the frequency of Pokimane’s Fortnite YouTube content is low, her ability to collaborate with other creators is to be admired. 

9. BBC Trolling

BBC Trolling must be included in our pick as one of the top 10 Fornite YouTubers out there. His content is highly educational, and aims to share interesting tricks that can be used in game to unexpectedly outplay opponents. That said, it should be noted that BBC Trolling is a highlight channel. While little “original” content is made, the compilations are always up to date with the latest top / funny moments in Fortnite, covering a range of different Fortnite content creators, big and small.

10. Fe4RLess

Fe4RLess has some of the best content currently out in the Fortnite YouTube space, it is evident a large amount of time is put in editing in his videos. All of Fe4RLess’s content contains amazing players from a collection of different fights. The only downside to his channel is the poor upload schedule / frequency. Without a doubt, Fe4RLess would have millions of more fans if he stuck to a steady schedule, even at the minimum of once per week. The channel never click baits, instead, relying on the amazing quality of its videos to gain its views.

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