Top Canadian YouTubers

Canada is absolutely slaying in terms of its content creators and houses top Gaming, Technology, and Unboxing, Comedy, Science and Cosmetics Channels! Pretty diverse mix and coming out top in most genres, eh?

Without further ado, lets get into the Top 10 Canadian YouTubers!

Top 10 Canadian YouTubers 2020

Today we’re going to be looking at some of Canada’s Top YouTubers according to their Subscriber Counts. These YouTubers are the Top 10 in Canada Right now! Let’s have a look at who makes the list!

1. VanossGaming

Vanoss Gaming is Canada’s largest Gaming YouTube Channel by Evan Fong, who goes by Vanoss. Vanoss is 27 years of age from Toronto and produces some of the best gaming commentaries out there.

Vanoss started back in 2011 and has grown to a massive 25 Million Subscribers! His videos include video game montages and lets plays from Call of Duty, Garys Mod (GMOD), Grand Theft Auto and more.

2. UnboxTherapy

Unbox Therapy is undoubtedly one of the top unboxing and tech channels out there. The channel is run by Lewis George Hilsenteger and Jack McCann, Lewis being the host and Jack the videographer.

Lewis and Jack hail from Toronto. Lewis unboxes some of tech’s hottest items and reviews them. The Channel blew up with over 60 million views after they covered iPhone 6’s bendgate and in 2020, theyre still reviewing and abusing devices all for the good of the consumer! The channel to date has over 16 Million Subscribers.

3. Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is one of Canada’s most prominent YouTubers with over 15 Million Subscribers to date. Lilly was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario and started creating videos in 2010.

Lily creates comedy videos that cover a variety of topics such as the dynamics of Indian families, skits of real-life situations and more. She has won multiple teen choice awards and earlier in 2019 had her own TV Talk show.

4. SisVBro

Sis V Bro are Canada’s Youngest Top YouTubers! The team is comprised of Karina and Donald with their YouTube Channel run by their dad who is also a YouTuber by the name, FreddyGoesBoom.

The Sister and Brother were born in Canada and currently live in Spain. The duo started YouTube in 2016 and post funny challenge videos, gaming videos and more! They have over 12 Million Subscribers to date!

5. LinusTechTips

LinusTechTips is headed by Canadian YouTuber Linus who comes from British Columbia, Canada. Linus has the 3rd most subscribed YouTube Technology Channel with over 10 Million Subscribers to date.

LinusTechTips provides reviews, unboxings and tech how-tos on their channel to make technology easier for the consumer!

6. ASAPScience

ASAPScience is a Science based YouTube chanel with over 9 Million Subscribers with the aim of making science simple. Behind the channel are canadian’s Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown.

The channel covers current science and breaks it down so people understand the logic behind it. For example the channel blew up with viral trends such as the Blue Dress and Yanny/Laurel and why people heard or saw what they did.

7. Typical Gamer

Andre Rebelo otherwise known as Typical Gamer comes from Vancouver and has over 9 Million Subscribers to date,. Andre started YouTube in 2008 creating content around Red Dead Redemption, he has evolved playing some of the most popular games such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and Fortnite.

Andre is known for putting out content daily, keeping fans constantly entertained with his engaging content.


SAS-ASMR is a Canadian ASMR artist who sends tingles down her viewer’s spines. SAS was born in Thailand but later moved to British Columbia, Canada in her childhood. Previous to her YouTube career, she used to bartend.

SAS specializes in Mukbang and ASMR together eating a variety of foods creating sounds that please ASMR lovers out there with over 8.5 Million Subscribers to date!

9. The Hacksmith

James Hobson from Kitchener, Ontario is a modern-day blacksmith sometimes known as the Tony Stark of Kitchener. A Graduate of  Bachelor of Engineering from Conestoga College who quit his job after building the  Elysium Suit started his channel in 2014 is hugely popular with over 8 Million Subscribers!

James creates real versions of superhero armor, weapons and more from a variety of series such as Call of Duty, Marvel, Overwatch and more. These videos are impressive and satisfying to watch.

10. Simply Nailogical

Cristine Raquel Rotenberg otherwise known as Simply Nailogical comes from Richmond, Canada with a whopping 7.5 million subscribers to her main channel followed by another 2.5 million subscribers on her second channel.

Cristine creates videos about nail art and nail care, it isn’t your regular nail art channel. Cristine’s bubbly personality shines through and is the most subscribed nail art YouTuber out there. She has even released her own brand of Nail Polish : Holo Taco!

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