Top 10 Tips For New YouTubers

YouTube is growing at an extraordinary pace, which may feel overwhelming for some new aspiring YouTubers like they’ve missed the boat. Worry not, its the internet, everyone on the internet has a fair chance at finding their audience and becoming someone they look to entertain them!

Here are a few tips that will help you on your way to success on YouTube, which is no easy feat.

1. Schedule

Time and time again, larger successful YouTubers echo these words. Scheduling videos are highly important for your success. If you follow any successful YouTubers such as iJustine, Grace Helbig or Joey Graceffa you see that they have a video schedule. You can guarantee that they will have x amount of videos on X Days.

Why not write out a list of video ideas, open an Excel file and write down 2-3 days per week that you are going to create, edit and then upload those videos. Making videos consistently and with a schedule will get people used to watching your videos on a regular basis and it’s something that YouTube looks for when you’re becoming a partner and may help video SEO.

2. Build Your Brand
You should be building your brand from the get-go! Incorporate your brand into your videos by using key phrases and images that when said people will be like “ That’s X YouTuber” Just think of JacksSepticEye. Make sure to have a YouTube Channel Description, Image, and Channel art to re-enforce your brand.

You should also be using social media channels such as Instagram, Snapchat and even a blog where you post, may come in handy if you’re a blogger. This can help extend your brand.

3. SEO Is Important
SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is where many YouTubers go wrong. Its one of the easier things to do but so many YouTubers neglect it. You should be optimizing your YouTube video descriptions, tags, filenames and video images.

We have some detailed guide that will help you with all of your SEO Needs, just here!

4. Invest in equipment when you can
When you’re starting out you may feel like you need the best equipment to make videos. The truth is you absolutely don’t. If you have a standard digital camera or phone that does 720P – 1080P then use that for as long as you can until you start to get a larger subscriber base.

Something that is important however that many YouTubers neglect is audio. Phone Cameras and Digital Cameras tend to lack good audio which may make it hard for the first while. That why when you upgrade to something like a Canon G7X or a DSLR like the Canon 700D you can get an external mic that will make your videos sound amazing

You can read our article on the best vlogging cameras here and the best microphones for Youtubers here.

5. Learn how to edit

Editing isn’t a skill that develops overnight, it takes a lot of time and effort. You should invest any downtime you have when not making videos into researching how to edit for example Jump Cuts or other techniques using the video editor of choice. These can be found on YouTube pretty easily, no need to pay for additional information!

6. Put Yourself Out There
An extension of branding, you should be putting yourself out there a lot. When you post a video, its best to share to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and any other platform you use in order to get some views and reach as many people as possible. The bigger your reach the more views you can get, you may even get shared by people on those social networks which is great for some virality!

7. Interact with your audience

Audience interaction is important, you should value your audience from the beginning as they’re taking the time to subscribe, watch your videos, and comment. Why not reply to them and develop a good relationship with your audience, this will keep them coming back due to the connection you have!

While there are some haters out there, don’t lower yourself. Take each hateful comment with a pinch of salt, they don’t know you and you shouldn’t let it get to you.

8. Set Goals!
Goal setting is key. I remember my teacher and manager talk about this, using a SMART Framework and honestly, it works so I’m going to tell you the same thing and apply it to YouTube!

S – Specific
Figure out what you want to achieve. Ask yourself the question what, how, when, and why you want to achieve the goal. For example, I want to achieve 1000 Subscribers by making 3 videos per week within the next 3 months!

M – Measurable

Measurable means that you will be able to see your progress or the end result. In our example, subscribers are measurable and you can keep track of your progress.

A- Attainable

Attainable means that can you really achieve your goal with everything else you have going on in your life? Setting realistic goals is really important because you will lose motivation if you don’t set realistic goals as it will take a long time lets say for 10,000 subscribers if you don’t hit 1,000 first.

R – Relevant
Make sure the goal is relevant to you, that it’s what you really desire. If you’re lacking in the skills you need for example editing, make sure that you’re interested in learning it and mastering it in order to reach your goal.

T – Timely
Make sure you set a deadline for your goal, this will ensure that there will be a point where the goal ends and will push you to achieve it due to time constraints. Let’s say if you said your goal was 1000 subscribers but didn’t specify a time to yourself you may lose interest, make it a challenge, but make sure it’s attainable!

9. Collaborate!

Collaborating is really important for your channel and yourself to grow yourself within the YouTube Community! When you collaborate with other YouTubers, you’re number one making connections and friends, as well as creating videos together and getting exposure to the other YouTubers subscribers and followers who will, in turn, follow you if you produce similar content or they enjoy your content!

10. Patience & Dedication

Finally, Patience and dedication. These are the most important qualities any YouTuber needs to have. Rome wasn’t built in a day and for the majority, neither will your YouTube Empire! It takes years of creating videos and getting out there to get a large subscriber base and lots of views on demand.

Remember to set goals and you should see that with every 1000 subscribers you get, the process gets easier and easier and it starts to snowball from there!

If you’ve any tips for other YouTubers, make sure to comment down below and tell us!

Keep Vlogging!


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