Top 10 Overwatch YouTubers

Overwatch is one of the most popular games out there at the moment, and trying to find the best Overwatch YouTubers out there can be hard when there is a sea of so many! We have narrowed it down to some much watch OW YouTubers known for their great content and skill when it comes to Overwatch!

1.Your Overwatch

Your Overwatch is always covers the latest content, with his videos constantly considering the patch changes and overall meta. This keeps his videos informative, and a real eye opener on the wider game. Your Overwatch also does a number of voice over videos, with Overwatch gameplay in the background, allowing him to make an in-depth analysis of the game, instead of YouTubers who try to do both, and get distracted while at it. If you are into learning, and improving at the game to climb, you have got to check Your Overwatch out.


While Seagul does release a steady stream of content, he mixes in a couple of Apex Legends and Minecraft content. That said, his Overwatch videos are some of the best content around, with a mix of informative, funny and serious gameplay. This keeps all his content interesting, instead of the worst trap an Overwatch YouTuber can fall into, simply pump out solo queue gameplay. One of his more recent to videos is a recent example of why A_Seagull manages to hold the spot as one of the, if not Overwatch’s top YouTuber.

3. TheRealKenzo

TheRealKenzo is one of the most popular overwatch YouTubers known for his insane sniping skills playing Hanzo and Widowmaker in competitive. Kenzo produces some great commentary, sick gameplay in competitive matches with the odd encounter of hilariously toxic trolls along the way (I mean this is overwatch) as well as creating coaching and tutorial videos and the occasional random video such as lootbox openings to get in your fix of overwatch content.

4. OhNickel

Ohnickel has some of the most high quality, funny and entertaining content around in the Overwatch space. Only downside is that, his video releases are fairly slow compared to other channels, likely due to him putting more time and effort in each one. This makes all his videos worthwhile to watch, away from the standard gameplay. Below is a video that sums up exactly that, with a dedicated animation, instead of unrelated gameplay in the background during the voice over. He obviously keeps up with the time too, even following the trend of creating “tier lists” are popularised and memed first by idubbbz and h3h3.

5. Tyrodin

Tyrodin uploads great gameplay videos with a hint of comedy and fun in everyone of them. These videos never seem to be boring due to his charismatic personality, especially when he is playing with someone else as seen in the video down below. While he by no means uploads often, whenever he does release a video, it is a must watch for Overwatch fans out there. That said, even if you can’t catch him on Youtube, he does frequently stream on Twitch.

6. BlameTheController

Blame the controller is a great source of steady and consistent Overwatch content. His informative and serious game play almost always addresses key changes in the meta / patch notes, allowing for viewers to improve. He also frequently answers fan and subscriber questions, his interaction with his community directly propelling him to one of the top Overwatch YouTubers around. As expected of someone on our list, Blame the controller is always updated with the latest content and changes in the game, making him a great source to learn about any major changes to the game.

7. Valkia

By far one of the most under rated Overwatch Youtubers in the whole Overwatch content creator scene. His expertise and focus on Pharah, arguably the communities most popular / favourite champion, is unparalleled. Valkia’s Pharah highlights contain some of the best Pharah gameplay out there. Despite some of his videos being on the shorter side, there are without a doubt extremely high quality. If you are a Pharah player, you have got to absolutely check out Valkia if you want to improve, and by a large margin you will.

8. Irman

While not an English channel, even if you are unable to understand Russian, Irman is still someone you should still check out. Irman has impeccable gameplay and overall knowledge regarding the game. That said, if you do happen to understand Russian, Irman is the go to Youtuber for Overwatch content. Irman’s videos are made up of clips with not only his best moments, but mistakes, making his video much more real compared to highlight reels of a YouTuber’s top moments in the game. This allows even viewers at high ranks to improve through watching top tier mechanics, and positioning, both good and bad.

9. Overwatch Pro

Overwatch Pro is an absolute Genji and Hanzo god, with some of the best mechanics around in the Overwatch youtube content creations scene. This channel is an absolute content machine, frequently posting even 3 videos a day in a never ending supply of solid Overwatch gameplay. Overwatch Pro’s game play is amongst the highest level given his Grandmaster rank. If you are looking to catch some reliable and top gameplay without much chatter and nonsence, Overwatch Pro is the go to Youtube channel for OW content.

10. KG Overwatch

The most underated Overwatch YouTuber that remains fairly undiscovered. KG Overwatch content encompasses a combination of his own videos, gameplay, discussions and at some times, other popular streamer highlights and drama. KG Overwatch’s content is never the same, and never boring, making him a top go to YouTuber for your Overwatch needs. His frequent upload schedule of 1 to 2 videos is also highly favourable in placing him in one of our top 10 Overwatch YouTubers. KG Overwatch covers everything related to Overwatch, making him a one stop shop YouTuber.

11. Overwatch Central

Overwatch Central is another YouTuber that you have got to check out and is a fitting end to our top 10 Overwatch YouTubers list. Overwatch Central contains a mix of different content, ranging from standard game play, explanations of recent patch notes, and opinions from recent updates. The channel uploads daily videos, with a consistent stream of high quality Overwatch content. While content is pumped out frequently, all videos are edited very well, and never give a feel the content is released simply to fill an obligation to upload on a daily basis. Follow Overwatch Central to keep updated with the latest game news and for entertaining gameplay.

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