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The Tin Can Challenge is a really popular youtube challenge where two individuals go head to head to identify the contents of the cans. The Tin Cans in the Tin Can Challenge have their labels ripped off so that the participants in the challenge don’t know what their eating and have to make their best guess to identify the contents of the can and gain a point.

There are usually 8-10 cans in the Tin Can Challenge. Participants having 4-5 cans each.
There are a few ways to play this challenge. Either a point for just eating a spoonful from the can or 1 point for eating a spoonful and then guessing the contents for 2 points.

To set up the Tin Can Challenge:
1. Buy 8-10 Canned Foods Ranging from Disgusting like Dog/Cat Food, Sardines, Delicious things like Fruit cocktail or Chocolate Pudding.
2. Take off the Labels of the Tin cans and write a number on each of the cans and a number on the back of the corresponding label
3. Write down all the numbers and put them in a container/hat so you can randomly choose a number
4. Get a spoon and a can opener if needed.

Doing the Tin Can Challenge:
1. Draw a number from the hat
2. Open the can with the corresponding number
3. Eat a spoonful and guess the contents for points (1 Point for eating, 2 points for the correct guess)
4. Turn over the corresponding label to the can, if the guess is correct you gain 2 points!

Check out some videos of the Tin Can Challenge for some inspiration:

If you made your own tin can challenge video, comment below about your experience!


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