TFue Net Worth

TFue one of our favourite gaming YouTubers and Streamers. With over 10 Million followers on twitch and over 11 Million followers on YouTube Tfue is one of the most popular YouTubers even breaking records this year.

NameTurner Tenney
Date of BirthJanuary 2, 1998
Known ForYouTube, Twitch, Esports
Net Worth$8 Million

What is Tfue’s Net Worth?

TFue’s net worth is approximately $8 Million dollars based on his income from YouTube and Twitch as his assets such as his cars and home.

How Does Tfue Make Money?

YouTube – Est. $4.4 Million

Tfue makes money through YouTubes Partnership programme that allows him to earn 70% of advertising costs spent on his video. He makes approximately $12,000 per day according to socialblade, equating to an estimated $4.4 Million per year.

Twitch & Creator Code – Est. $6 Million

On Twitch, TFue has approximately 10 Million followers and has about 40,000 viewers per stream. His Highest watched stream capped out at 290,000 viewers.

Per stream, he makes anywhere from $500-$3000 in donations.

Twitch streamers make revenue from Donations, Ad Views, Subscriptions and Twitch Bits. Streamers on the platform are paid $3.50 per subscriber to the channel per month. Tfue has 20,000 subscribers currently on the platform giving an approximate total of $50,000 a month recurring income. Per year thats, $600k.

He also takes sponsorships to play a certain games such as the Madden contract which he declined worth $140,000. Twitch Streamers can be paid 1 cent to $1 per viewer per hour depending on the game. Estimated earning $4000-$40000 per sponsored stream hour.

Fortnite Creator Codes & sponsorships.
Tfue also benefits from the Fortnite Creator Codes earning $5 for every 10,000 Vbucks bought on the store.

How Tall is Tfue?

TFue is approximately 6ft 1 inch tall.

How Old is TFue?

Tfue is 21 years old and was born January 2, 1998 making him a Capricorn.

Early Life

Tfue born in Indian rocks beach, a small town on the west coast of Florida. Tfue was brought up with two other siblings his brother Jack Tenney and younger brother and Pearse his sister Alexandria

Tfue and his siblings were homeschooled when they were younger as their parents felt they could teach a better standard in comparison to what public school offers.

Tfues parents were strict on their lifestyle growing up, such as no video games and were involved in outdoor activities such as Surfing, Boogie Boarding and more activities like that. When Tfue was 14 years old he won 13 consecutive water skimming competitions.


In 2007, Turners brother Jack created his YouTube channel Joogsquad. Where they uploaded videos of sports such as skateboarding, surfing, scooters and stunts including videos of cliff and bridge jumping.

After his young venture into YouTube at the age of 10 with his brother, Turner started his YouTube in 2014 and named it, “Tfue”. This channel and twitch was set up to play call of duty and destiny games at the time. He made his first video (Call of Duty) on 16th November 2014. After Destiny in 2016, he created videos about H1Z1 and his videos averaged about 20,000 views per video doing amazing complication videos.

While playing becoming a pro at these games and competing competitively he met streamer, and competitor “Ninja” at one of these competitions.

After H1Z1, there was a new game on the scene and that was PUBG. Tfue quickly became a pro on PUBG and played until 2018 when he then moved to Fortnite.

He started playing Fortnite at the start of 2018 even though Fortnite which was released in the middle of 2017. He became a pro very quickly stating the game was the easiest and most polished. Tfue quickly rose through the ranks and started to dominate Fortnite Battle Royale by Battle Royale.

Feburary 2018 – Solo Kill Record

In Feburary 2018, He broke a solo kill record of 29 people in one match which was huge news around the Fortnite & gaming community. Shortly after, he was playing on Friday Fortnite and defeated Ninja, who is considered the best Fortnite player in the world.

May, 2018 – Joined Faze Clan

On May 1st, 2018 he joined FaZe Clan. This caused a lot of hype in the gaming and streaming community. His professional Career officially started, before Faze Clan he had approximately 62k Subscribers on his channel by June 2018 he crossed a million subs on YouTube.

June 2018 – Fortnite Ban

Tfue was perma banned from fortnite for asking to buy accounts with rare skins. He lost all his gameplays, skins, and records on Fortnite. He quickly moved to another account called “Not Tfue” where he didn’t put any effort into getting skins like his previous main account just using the default skin.

Fortnite – Playing for the Esports Organisation FaZe, Tfue and FaZe Cloak competed in the Fortnite Fall Skirmish and won $500,000.

May 2019 – Tfue Files Lawsuit Against Faze Clan.

TFue left Faze Clan on quite a bitter note and filed a lawsuit against Faze Clan as he found his contract to be too oppressive to his creative ownership and revenue share terms. Tfue stated that Faze took as much as 80% of income he generates and stops him from pursuing other additional streams of income from brand deals not coming from FaZe over a period of 3 years.

He also claimed that he was forced to move into the FaZe House and was asked to do stunts, given Alcohol at the FaZe house before the legal age of 21 years old and was encouraged to gamble.

Faze Response

In Faze Banks response, he claimed Tfue was paid millions and FaZe collected only 60,000 in partnerships. He also mentioned that it was in Tfue’s nature to do stunts such the ones in his Previous YouTube Videos and now deleted YouTube video where they had a party at his girlfriends place where there was reportedly alcohol being consumed and stunts being performed.

June 2019 – Contract Leaked

The Blast News leaked the contract which states Tfue gets 80% of brand deals, 50% of merchandise, 50% appearance fees and 20% of prize pools.
Which equates to about 50% of his income.

August 2019 – Tfue is Countersued

FaZe Clan Counter sided on the 1st of August 2019. This counter allegations claims that Turner stole confidential information and interfered with contracts and relationships. It also claims Turner made as much as $20 Million since he joined FaZe in 2018 and claims FaZe has taught Tfue unique methodologies in terms of of creating and promoting content that lead to his success. This is a valid argument as Tfue has grown exponentially since joining FaZe Clan which is proved through use of analytics before and after joining Faze.

FaZe claimed that they also learned that Tfue was setting up a competing esports and talent management organisation to compete with FaZe

TFue House

Tfue is living in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida but rumour has it that is he relocating to New Jersey.

TFue Car

Tfue owns a Tesla Model X SUV which is a flagship SUV. He even got a tweet of recognition from Elon Musk. This is worth approximately $100,0000

He also owns a yellow Lamborghini at which is worth approximately $200,000.

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