Tfue Gaming Setup & Camera Equipment

TFue is one of the most prominent gaming figures in streaming. Especially when it comes to fortnite. You may be wondering what gear does TFue use in his set up? His tools certainly do help him to perform at his best. 

  • Name: TFue - Turner Tenney
  • Profession: ProGamer & Streamer
  • Platforms: Twitch, YouTube

We've gathered a list of all the equipment he uses, so lets take a look!

What Headset Does TFUE Use

Beyerdynamic DT 1990

These high-end headphones give beautiful clarity and fidelity sound so you can hear how the game is supposed to sound. These headphones rest easy on the head for prolonged use. They do however come at a price point that is recommended for pro-gamers and pro-streamers. 

What Keyboard Does TFUE Use

​Ducky One 2 Mini Gaming Keyboard

TFue uses the ducky one to many gaming keyboard as one of his main keyboards this keyboard has RGB lighting, and is mechanical to provide the best typing experience. This keyboard is is powered by USB C and comes with various gaming modes. 

What mouse Does TFUE Use

Finalmouse Air58

In  a lot of TFues gaming streams you will see him use this Final Mouse Air58. This mouse is incredibly light weighing only 47g to give faster more precise movements and aim. 

What Camera Does TFue Use?

Logitech BRIO - 4K Facecam

Tfue uses that Logitech 4K WebCam to broadcast his streams.  The Logitech WebCam can take a lot of computer resources when streaming in 4k but but as you can see TFue's computer is well built to deal with the resource usage.

The 4K Brio has incredible autofocus and also has great low lighting ability, which makes it one of the best face cameras out there.

What microphone Does TFUE Use


As you will see in streams he uses this sure SM7B this gives incredible audio quality to his videos and streams. This Microphone is at cardioid microphone that picks up sound directly on the source of your voice giving you beautiful broadcast sound quality.

RODE PSA 1 - Microphone Mount

He also uses the road microphone mount to mount the sure microphone

What Gaming PC does Tfue Use

CPU- Intel Core i7-9770K

TFue has to PCs one gaming PC and one streaming PC. His gaming PC is built from an Intel Core i7 which handles all of his processing. The Intel core i7 is an eight core CPU that is clocked between 3.6GHZ-4.9GHZ which is ultra speedy for high intensity tasks such as gaming & streaming

Graphics Card: GeForce RTX2080

He uses the GeForce RTX 2080 as his main graphics card that this graphics card is incredibly powerful with a gigabyte of DDR6 and LED lights. This graphics card has the ability to play on ultra with ease. This is very important as streamers cannot have issues with their gameplay during streaming and during their pro-play.

Motherboard: ASUS ROG Z390-E

The motherboard is an Asus log which is one of the most used motherboards for gaming users this motherboard supports Intel core i7 and also supports overclocking of the hardware. 

RAM: GSKILL Trident 32GB

TFue uses 32 GB of DDR for memory so he can run everything smooth and efficiently on his gaming PC. This from is specifically engineered for Intel-based platforms and contains a beautifully designed heatsink with RGB colour.

Power Supply: Corsair RM1000X

The Corsair PSU is a very reliable power supply with the ability to add and remove cables so you can have a tidy case . This power supply gives up to 1000W which is perfectly enough for every component in this build so everything runs without issue. PSU issues can be the worst!

Cooling: Corsair H150i PRO

In terms of cooling he uses the Corsair H150 Pro which is a water cooling system to cool his CPU.

SSD: Intel Optane 905P 960GB

This SSD is one of the more expensive SSD's but works well with the CPU and memory

There are however cheaper SSD's  on the market which are just as effective.

Case: Corsair Crystal Series 570X

To house all of these components, TFue uses this corsair crystal series gaming case. This case has RGB Lighting as well as a glass panel to show off the components, some of which have beautiful Customisable lighting such as the RAM, Motherboard and GPU.

What Chair Does TFue Use?

Maxnomic Commander S

What Monitor Does TFue Use?

Alienare AW2518H

TFue and many other gamers use the Alienware monitor for their gaming due to the low input lag and impressive refresh rate of 240HZ. This is ideal for gamers who need fast response times in their monitors to play at their very best.

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