St Patricks Day Tag

St.Patricks Day is celebrated all over the world, its a fun day for everyone involved!  The Irish celebrate being Irish and their heritage during the month with Seachtain na Gaeilge or “Week of Irish” and others embrace their Irish heritage or the spirit of the Irish globally by wearing green, watching the St.Patricks Day Parade and even lighting world monuments in the color green.

What is the St.Patricks Day Tag?

The St.Patricks Day tag is another fun way to celebrate St.Paddys Day. In this tag, it will show your audience how you celebrate St.Patricks Day, how you pronounce Irish names (Even Ellen had trouble with this!), how well you know Irish slang and other aspects of Irish Culture! 

St Patricks Day Tag Questions

  1. What is your name and where are you from
  2. What do you call the short form of St.Patricks Day?
  3. Do you Celebrate St Patricks Day and Why?
  4. Are you Irish or have you any Irish Heritage?
  5. Have you ever gone to a St.Patricks Day parade?
  6. Pronounce the following Irish Names: Aoife, Grainne, Caoimhin, Ruairdhi, Saoirse, Fionn, Dathai.
  7. Guess what the following Irish slang means – Craic, Banjaxed, Ejit, Shift, Mot,
  8. What do you wear on St.Patricks Day 
  9. Have you ever visited Ireland or plan to?
  10. What’s your favorite St.Patricks day thing to eat?
  11. What is your favorite movie with Irish Actors?
  12. Have you ever watched or played Gaelic Football or Hurling?
  13. Have you ever listened to traditional Irish Music?
  14. Do you know what St Patrick got rid of in Ireland?
  15. Do you believe in Leprechauns?


How To Do The St.Patricks Day Tag

You can do this tag by yourself or with a friend. You can do this tag on camera, on your blog or at home with your friends or family. You first read out the question and reply with an answer.  For name pronunciations, we wish you the best of luck if you aren’t Irish, we have a pronunciation guide below! We also have an explanation for the Irish slang just in case you’re interested. If you do make a video please comment with the link below and we will add it to this post!

Irish Names and Slang Meanings

Aoife = Eefa,
Grainne = Grawnya,
Caoimhin = Cweefeen
Ruairdhi = Roor-y
Saoirse = Seersha 
Fionn = Fy-un,
Dathai = Daah-hee

Slang Meanings:
Banjaxed – Tired
Scarlett- Embarrassed
Ejit – Idiot
Shift- Kiss
Mot – Girlfriend


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