Sony RX100 VII For Vlogging

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Its camera season and we at YouTubeSociety are so excited! Sony have just released the RX100 VII, their new compact vlogging camera with some good upgrades from the Mark VI in terms of video! 

RX100V Mark VII Specs

  • Video Resolution: 4K
  • Sensor: 1 inch 24.2 MP 
  • Auto Focus: 357 phase detection, 425 Contrast Detection
  • Microphone Jack : Yes

Video Quality

The Sony RX100VIII records at 4K with a full sensor readout which is basically unheard of in a camera of this size. This allows the camera to capture some beautifully crisp and clear footage without any rolling shutter. It even records in The RX100 VII records in SLoG2/SLoG3 & HLG that maintains shadows and highlight details so that you're guaranteed beautiful vlogging footage.

You can also film in high frame rates with its High Frame Rate option. Giving you the choice of 240, 480 or 960 frames per second. Ideal for vloggers who love to use slow motion shots for their B-Roll Footage.

There is a 5 Min record limit on 4K video to avoid overheating of the camera, however this can be disabled but your camera will run hot. It is advised if you do take this off the camera that you use a tripod to hold your camera and to keep an eye that you're not running too hot!;

Auto Focus 

This compact has one of the fastest Autofocuses out there with reaction time of 200th of a second, 0.02 which is impeccably fast seen only in Sony's A9 Camera which is a professional range camera.  It features 357 phase detection autofocus points and  425 contrast points which results in 68% coverage. 

Sony RX100 VII Autofocus

It has subject tracking and eye AF which works on both humans and pets, so you're guaranteed that your subject is always tracked and in focus. The AF ability is quite incredible when you compare it to other cameras such as the latest Canon G7X III which is close in price.

Low Lighting

The low lighting ability on this camera is good, but a step back from the RX100 V due to the aperture of the lens which was also seen on the Mark 6. The camera can handle itself in low lighting situations fairly well, but performs best in well lit areas. 

Microphone Jack 

The microphone jack on the RX100 VII is a most welcome feature on this new iteration! Vloggers everywhere are rejoicing, this isn't something you'd normally see on a camera of this size but the autofocus isn't either, Sony is really pulling it out of the bag!

With the newly added microphone jack, you can use your external microphones such as your Rode VMPro Plus or your lav microphones which work really well with this camera. The camera however is compatible with 3.5 MM jacks, but only the TRS kind. This means that you may need an adapter for TTRS jacks, which are pretty easy to get.

Flip Screen For Vlogging

The flip up screen is ideal for vloggers, if you're familiar with the Sony RX line you're pretty used to this feature. It flips up at 180 degree angle and down at a 45 degree angle so you when at 180degrees, you can make sure that you're in the frame and positioned correctly for the video! 

Battery Life

The battery lasts about an hour and a half of video recording, it uses the same battery as previous versions of the camera so if you're upgrading you can use the batteries form there. If you're wondering what battery it uses, its the NP-BX1 Lithium Ion battery which you can find here.

Build Quality

The build quality is the same as the previous editions of the RX100 line. Its very well built, you can feel the quality of the camera, but one of the downsides is that it isn't weather sealed. So if you're an adventurous vlogger who films in the rain or wants to go film around the pool or a water fight you may want to consider getting out of the way as its an expensive piece of kit!

Overall Thoughts

This camera is a little beast, and it doesn't come at a cheap entry level price point for most vloggers out there. However, if you're a serious vlogger who is investing in some equipment you'll notice that it is comparable to higher end mirrorless cameras out there. If you're looking for something smaller that can capture comparable videos to your higher end cameras with added portability, this Sony RX100 VII is definitely one of the best cameras out there at the moment for this. 

Differences between RX100 VII and RX100VII

The RXV100 comes with a variety of new improvements over the previous RX100 VI. 
Stacked Sensor - Processes faster and more efficiently.
Improved BionZ Processor
Faster Autofocus @ 0.02s & Animal & Human Eye AF
Image Stabilisation for Video.
Eye AF for Video
Microphone Jack
Vertical Movie recording - For Social Media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram!
Time Lapse!

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