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Are You Looking For the Sibling Tag? The sibling tag is a 10 question tag that you can do with your brother or sister and determines just how really well you know each other! Put any sibling rivalry aside and give the youtube sibling tag a try!

1. Who is the oldest of you?
2. What do you like and dislike about your siblings?
3. What do you and your siblings have in common?
4. Funniest memory?
5. Most memorable argument?
6. What do you and your sibling(s) for fun?
7. Describe each other in one word
8. Have you ever liked one of their friends?
9. Favorite inside joke? (Explain?)
10. Show the earliest photo or most embarrassing of you and your sibling

Why not turn on the camera and upload your answers to YouTube?

Here are some sibling tags to get you inspired!

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Enjoy 🙂