RiceGum Net Worth

RiceGum has had massive success over the past few years with his own YouTube Channel part of the FaZe Clan as well as CloutGang, which exploded his net worth. While recently he has gone relatively quiet, RiceGum is still earning a decent salary from his YouTube Empire.

Let’s have a look at how RiceGum has made his money and his rise to fame on YouTube.

NameBryan Quang Le
Date of BirthNovember 1996
FromLas Vegas, Nevada
Lives inCalifornia
Known ForYouTube, Diss Tracks
Net Worth$7 Million

What is Rice Gums Net Worth?

RiceGum has a net worth of approximately $7 Million. This comes from his YouTube Channel earnings, Sponsorships and Collaborations, Merchandise Sales and Music Career.

How Much Does Rice Gum Make On YouTube?

According to Socialblade, RiceGum makes $20,000 a month from his YouTube Channel and approximately $250,000 per year.

This figure used to be a lot higher in 2017-2018 when RiceGum posted videos more frequently but as of late RiceGum has been focused on other streams of income.

How Does Rice Gum Make Money On YouTube?

YouTube Partnership Program

RiceGum is part of the YouTube Partnership Program which allows him to earn money from views of his YouTube Videos. For every thousand monetized views, RiceGum earns $4-$10.


RiceGum created his merchandise brand “RYCE” in 2017. His merchandise collection consists of Hoodies Windbreakers, Jeans, Backpacks and accessories to his adoring fans.

Faze Clan & CloutGang

RiceGum was part of the FaZe Clan and CloutGang both run by his friend, Faze Banks. RiceGum was playing competitively on FaZe Clan’s fortnite team up until 2018.

We assume RiceGum was paid during this time in the two groups with a similar contract to that of TFue.

Music Career

RiceGum received success on the Billboard Top 100 Charts. His song Its EveryNight Sis, which was a parody of a song created from YouTuber Jake Paul, made it on the prestigious single ranking chart.  

Early Life

Bryan Quang Le was born in November 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the beginning years of his rise to fame, he lived at home with his parents and created content in his bedroom. 

For most of his childhood, Bryan lived a reasonably normal life out in Nevada. Through middle school and high school, Bryan began to play many videogames. He became exceptionally good at playing games in the Call of Duty franchise. 

Before he became the YouTube star that he is today, RiceGum, who formerly was called RiceFlavoredGum, streamed some gameplay of his first-person shooter skills on Twitch.

RiceGum shares popular stories that his mother wanted him to be a doctor and that Harvard offered him a scholarship, but he turned it down to pursue his love for making YouTube content.

The Rise of RiceGum on YouTube

 After his success live-streaming Call of Duty gameplay, RiceGum generated a large following that followed him to YouTube when he created his account in October 2012. While his fans followed him for his gaming skills, when RiceGum began to create content on YouTube, it was not related to gaming.

 His reaction videos of smaller YouTube creators doing outrageous actions brought RiceGum a lot of fame. As YouTube grew more popular, commentary and reaction channels took the platform by storm, and RiceGum joined in.

 Along with the reaction videos, RiceGum started creating videos of him doing comedic pranks and stunts, one of the most popular was when he mailed himself in a box

 But he did not stray from his gaming roots. When the rise of Fortnite’s popularity took the gaming world by storm, RiceGum made many videos about Fortnite gameplay.

 RiceGum then branched out his video style to produce various videos of him starting drama and feuds with other creators. Often times responding to videos of other creators criticizing him. RiceGum then argues back in many of his roast videos where he criticizes those creators.

 His success on YouTube had a considerable jump when he began to take those roast videos and turn them into diss tracks. The music videos he created often had to do with the drama created between him and other YouTubers, and it was a new way for him to embarrass the other person.

 His music videos for Its EveryNight Sis and God Church have become two of his most popular videos with a combined 260 million views. His diss tracks towards other YouTubers such as TheGabbieShow and Jake Paul also have a large viewership due to the publicity of the drama between these YouTube Stars.

 With this aggressive and high production value-form of creating drama and creating content, RiceGum has faced a lot of criticism from other YouTubers. While there is some bad blood between RiceGum and some of his peers, RiceGum still holds a spot as one of the most popular YouTubers with over 10.5 million subscribers.

RiceGum Outside of YouTube:

 The creation of his diss tracks, and music videos didn’t just get RiceGum millions of views on YouTube, but received success on the Billboard Top 100 Charts. His song Its EveryNight Sis, which was a parody of a song created from YouTuber Jake Paul, made it on the prestigious single ranking chart.  

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