Pewdiepie Net Worth

Feix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, or what you’ll know him as – PewDiePie, is a Swedish born Youtuber. But he’s not just any Youtuber, he held the title of being the most subscribed channel on the platform by a large margin – his subscriber count currently sitting at 103,000,000! He held this until 2019, only to be overtaken by a media outlet called T-Series, based in India.

NameFelix Kjellberg
Known AsPewdiepie
Date of BirthOctober 24th 1989
Place of BirthGothenburg, Sweden
Living inLondon, UK
Known for YouTube
Net Worth$110 Million

Net worth

PewDiePies Net Worth in 2020 is estimated to be over $110 Million. This is made up of his YouTube Earnings, His Merchandise Sales and Brand Deals.

According to Socialblade Pewdiepie earns up to $15 Million per year on YouTube. PewDiePie is part of the YouTube Partnership Program, this allows PewDiePie to monetize his video views through Adsense..


One of Pewdiepie’s main source of revenue comes from merchandise to his fans, it is. It’s estimated he makes $20 Million a year from merchandise sales, however that is not the net profit. According to Sellfy, he could be bringing in up to $6 Million per month through merch sales, although in a video posted in 2019 he stated that has made nowhere near “42 Million” on merch sales, “Buy Merch!”

App – TuberSimulator

Pewdiepie released TuberSimulator in 2016 with much fanfare. The App has been downloaded millions of times and has brought in millions of dollars. However, we do not have access to in-game purchase data from the app, but it is one of the highest-rated gaming apps on the AppStore.

We presume this brings in high six figures, to millions per month in additional revenue in the form of ingame purchases.


With millions of eyes on your content, brands come flocking to YouTubers in order to get eyes on their brand. These contracts can range from five figures to millions of dollars.

In 2019, Pewdiepie collaborated with drinks brand GFeul, alongside other YouTubers. He has also partnered with Chinese Blockchain Company, Tron (TRX) promoting the use of Tron.

In the past, he has brand deals with LG, Disney.

Early Life

Pewdiepie was born in Gothenburg, Sweden on October 24th 1989.
His father was a corporate executive and mother a CIO. Felix too felt a compulsion for the industry and went to study industrial economics at university but decided it wasn’t for him because the course simply did not interest him very much [1].

YouTube Career

We should note that PewDiePie wasn’t his first attempt at YouTube glory as he had previously created an account called PewDie in 2006… and then forgot the password. And so, like a Christian, Felix was born again through PewDiePie.

Pewdiepie started YouTube in 2010 with Minecraft videos entirely commentated in Swedish. These first few videos didn’t receive much attention in terms of views but he kept on creating content. As he moved on to the ‘Let’s Play’ niche of gaming, his channel saw substantial growth.

He first received a silver YouTube plaque in 2012 for 100,000 subscribers and astoundingly received the gold plaque the same year for surpassing 1,000,000 subscribers… and then 2 million that same year!

His channel was one of the fastest-growing on the planet and it was in large part due to his unique personality – kookiness with a Scandinavian twinge for profanity.

The game that probably threw him into the Olympus of YouTube was Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a first-person horror title that Felix played for a very long time, his exaggerated reactions and Swedish cursing making it all the more enjoyable.

Though, as early as 2011 he had started blogging through his staple series “Fridays with Pew(wwwwww)DiePie”.

In 2012 he was signed with Maker Studios, likely as a result of previous grievances of working with Machinima. In 2013 he had far overtook fellow YouTube titans Smosh, with a subscriber count of 6 million and many prominent news outlets reporting on him. This growth just continued and continued under his partnership with Maker Studios, a company owned by Disney.

However, his immense success wasn’t without dips as in 2017 PewDiePie was in hot water for used app Fiverr to have a paid pair of people dancing with an Anti-Semitic sign. This had a serious knock-on effect as outlets began to brand him anti-Semitic which in turn led to Maker Studios dropping their contract with him and YouTube cancelling any planned YouTube Red shows, such as Scare PewDiePie. On a Livestream, he had also used a racial slur [3] and subsequently mocked Demi Lovato’s addiction

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