NoahJ456 Net Worth

NoahJ456 is a well known American Gaming YouTuber & Twitch streamer with over 4 Million Subscribers on YouTube and 450,000+ Twitch Followers. With this vast audience you may be wondering how did NoahJ456 rise to fame on YouTube, How much does he earn from Youtube and what is his net worth! Lets find out!

Net Worth$5 Million
NameNoah J
Date of Birth17 October 1994
Known For YouTube, Twitch, 100Thieves

YouTube Career

Noah started his YouTube Channel in 2010, when he started uploading Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 videos and Skyrim Videos to get his YouTube Channel Started. These videos got moderate amounts of views but nowhere near the amounts of views that he gets today.

Noah kept working on YouTube and uploading videos for years, gaining subscribers and developing his style of videos. Noah started out by doing How To’s, showing features in different games and doing lets plays.

Once Black Ops 2 Came out, Noah focused all his attention on creating content around the game that would help other players, find cool easter eggs in game and more. By this time he garnered a lot more subscribers as he was producing content frequently.

3 Years later, he gained reached his first 100,000 subscribers.
Once GTA5 came out, he switched his attention to Grand Theft Auto 5 and created walkthroughs, How To Guides and let’s play videos which his fans loved.

Noah then started playing Call of Duty Ghosts and developed more content around that. As you can see, Noah has been very consistent with the content he produces and plays the latest games to keep gamers attention with the content they want to see.

He has also played Watch Dogs, Destiny, Minecraft and Most recently fortnite.

Noah has gotten heavily involved in fortnite in the past two years. His fortnite content has brought a lot of new fans, views, and opportunities for Noah, including competing competitively for prizemoney.

How Much Does NoahJ456 Make On YouTube?

Noah is part of Google’s YouTube Partnership Programme, this allows him to make revenue off his YouTube Videos. The partnership programme allows you to earn anywhere from $2.5 to $7.5 per thousand views depending on the type of traffic and other factors that influence advertiser CPM rates which you can read in our YouTube CPM article here.

Today, Noah gets an average of 450,000 Views per day on his channel. This is due to his consistent uploading schedule and live streams which allows him to earn up to $1,800 per day. This equates to about $55,000 per month on 13.6 Million Views and $650,000 a year from YouTube earnings.

Other Forms of Income

Noah Livestreams on Twitch daily, and has a recurring income from donations, subscribers and followers on the stream. He has gained a following of 450,000 on Twitch from these daily streams.

Merchandise – Noah has released merchandise for his fans so they can represent, which is available on his website. We assume Noah makes a 30% Mark up from the T-shirts which is in line with other YouTubers doing similar ventures.

Fortnite’s Support a Creator – Noah is part of Fortnite’s support a creator. Any purchases made by fans who are using his code “NoahJ456” he will get $5 for every $100 worth of purchases at a basic rate. This adds to Noahs income although he does not advertise his code a lot! If your a fan, why not add it to yours!

Noah is signed to Drake and Scooter Braun’s Esports Organisation 100Thieves, he also has played fortnite competitively in the UMGGaming Tournaments for Cash Prizes. We presume like any contractual agreement they take a sum of his earnings through ventures carried out through the organisation.

NoahJ456 House

Noah owns a house worth approximately $1M, unfortunately, at the start of December, the house was hit with a bolt of lightning that destroyed the inside of the house. We hope Noah and his wife have recovered from this awful tragedy.

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