Nintendo YouTube Partner Program Sucks for YouTubers

Nintendo YouTube Partner program

Nintendo recently introduced their YouTube Partner Program for Youtube content creators who produce gaming videos that will allow youtube content creators to get a share of the revenue of the videos of Nintendo games they post. As you are all probably well aware Gaming videos in the past year have become immensely popular with YouTubers like PewdiePie, amongst others with millions in their audiences raking in million of views per day on their videos.

Nintendos “Partner” program sounds like a great step forward in the industry but really it isnt. What some people don’t realise is that nintendo are actually taking the you tubers share of their earned revenue. Not to go into specifics but the YouTube monitization process has a split of roughly 40% going to youtube and 60% of revenues going to the content creator. If you’re producing a video with images or audio from Nintendos games well the n there is a 40/42/18 spit. 40% still going to Youtube and Nintendo takes a 18% chunk out of your revenue, so you’re left with 42% or 42c per dollar.

Before implementing the Nintendo – YouTube partner structure, Nintendo completely claimed content ownership over any nintendo games that were posted on YouTube and any revenue made that should have went to the YouTuber from those videos directly went to Nintendo instead. So you may see this as a small improvement.

The catch with the new partner programme is that Nintendo have to approve videos that are allowed take part in this program. If your video isn’t up to scratch or if they don’t like it for any reason they reserve the right to just take full content ownership of the video meaning you wont receive any advertising revenue from the video.

We do realise that there wouldn’t be gaming content like ‘Lets plays’ on Youtube without the game itself but YouTubers are putting their personalities into their lets plays, lets plays would be nothing without the commentary, energy or personality which makes it entertaining to watch and it portrays the game in another light for most people which makes viewers want to go out and get this game too. For YouTubers with built up audiences, the viewers are more than likely watching for the YouTuber themselves and not the game.

As PewDiePie himself says on his blog “If I played a Nintendo game on my channel. Most likely most of the views, ad revenue would come from the fact that my viewers are subscribed to me. Not necessarily because they want to watch a Nintendo game in particular.” – PewDiePie’s Blog.

Other game developers/publishers like Mojang, Bungie, Microsoft, Activision dont have the same sort of rules regarding their Games. For them they see it as free publicity and are happy to let YouTubers earn what they rightfully deserve. Indie games like Minecraft, Terraria, Gmod have experienced the benefits of you tubers using their games in their videos for lets plays etc making them some of the most popular games on the planet and the companies are seeing that in sales.

Nintendo don’t seem to understand that YouTubers are essentially promoting their games for free and in my own opinion YouTubers deserve the full share of the revenue. YouTubers influence on the gaming community has been evident of recent as gaming developers and publishers are coming to YouTube content creators asking them to play their games and paying the YouTubers up front just for the exposure.

What do you guys think of this Nintendo Partner Program? Leave your opinions and feedback in the comments below!

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  1. I Totally agree nintendo should give most the revenue to the you tubers. they created the video and nintendo are getting free advertising of their games


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