Ninja Net Worth

Ninja is one of the most prominent streamers and esports competitors out there. You may be wondering how much Ninja is worth and how he makes money. We have put our best estimates below, so check out how Ninja got his net worth from streaming and professional gaming!

NameRichard Tyler Blevins
Date of Birth05 June 1991
Lives inGrays Lake, Illinois
Known ForE-Sports, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer
Net Worth$20 Million

What is Ninja’s Net Worth

It is estimated Ninja is worth over $20 Million. This comes from Advertising & Subscriptions on Streaming & Video Platforms, Brand Deals & Sponsorships, Merchandise Revenue & Competition Winnings.

How Does Ninja Make Money?


In August 2019, Ninja moved to Microsoft’s Streaming platform Mixer in an unexpected turn of events. Some have deemed Ninja a sellout but in reality, it was a smart Business move on both Microsoft and Ninja’s part. Tom Warren from The Verge estimates the contract is worth at least $50 Million presumably over 2-3 years which is the maximum length of an E-Sports contract.

In the first week, Mixer topped App Store downloads on the news of his move and offered one month free subscriptions to Ninjas channel in order to gain new accounts on the service with over 1 Million subscribers to date.

Subscriptions on Mixer cost $6 with a $0.47 transaction fee which is deducted with a presumed split of 50% earning approximately, $2.77 per subscription on the service. 0.27 higher than that of twitch.

We will be watching the fall-off rate of his Mixer subscribers closely after the free month.


According to Ninja’s Socialblade, He has approximately 2 Billion views on his channel and 22.4 Million Subscribers as of September 2019. It is estimated Ninja currently makes $120,000 per month from his YouTube videos or $1.5 Million per year.

This used to be a lot higher in 2018 due to the popularity of fortnite which exploded his channel.

Accounting for the 2 Billion total views, it is estimated he has made approximately $7 Million from YouTube Advertising views over the life of his channel.

Twitch Streaming

Twitch Subscribers – When Ninja was streaming on twitch it estimated he had about 250,000 subscribers at his peak in 2018, estimated to be worth approximately $500,000 per month.

Calculating his total earned on subscriptions over the months streamed on twitch from Jan 18 – Aug 19 Ninja has earned approximately $5 Million USD from Twitch Subscribers alone.

Twitch subscribers at a basic tier cost $4.99 a month with a 50% revenue split with Twitch, earning the streamer $2.50 per subscriber on average. However, there are Twitch Prime Memberships, Tier 2 which cost $10, Tier 3 which cost $25 and receives 50% of the revenue from each.

Fortnite Creator Code

Ninja rarely ever promotes his fortnite creator code however he may have some players using his creator code. In this case, he earns $5 for every 10,000 V-Bucks spent by fans.

Ninja has never disclosed how many fans use his creator code or how much he has made through this avenue of income.

Competition Winnings

Ninja has earned a total of Approximately $280,000 from competitions to date.


Brand Deals and Sponsorships

Ninja has worked with many brands over the past few years which has been very successful.

Last year, he had a deal with EA worth $1 Million Dollars for Streams, Videos and Tweets about Apex Legends.

Samsung Deal

Ninja also endorsed Samsung Galaxy S9 heavily on his stream and YouTube. He received a percentage of sales (Using an affiliate link) and upfront payment to secure promotion. This included a full-length YouTube Video, Promotion on his stream, Official Samsung Advertising for the Galaxy S9 Note’s Gaming Features.

It is estimated if 0.05% of the audience bought the phone at 5% commission, he has made an estimated $1.5 Million on the $1000 phone bundle he was promoting. We estimate that this was another multi-million dollar brand deal.

Red Bull Deal

The Red Bull Sponsorship is estimated to be worth $1 Million Dollars and is a multi-year deal.

According to Business Insider, Red Bull helped Ninja build a state-of-the-art streaming studio in his basement. This was all custom made to fit Ninja’s Brand and had over $20,000 of equipment installed.

Adidas Sponsorship

Ninja has teamed up with Adidas, which is a multi-year deal. It is unknown what will be released but we can presume there may be digital and physical items in this collaboration. We also believe this is another multi-million dollar brand deal.

Confirmation Earning Over 10M in 2018

Ninja was interviewed on CNN on December 2018, he revealed he made an estimated $10 Million and over $500,000 “on a good month”

Ninja Early Life

Ninja was born on the 5th of June 1991 in Grays Lake, Illinois, United States and was given the name Richard Tyler Blevins, now known as Tyler Blevins or simply Ninja.

Ninja was brought up with his two brothers, John, and Chris Blevins. Ninja went to Pre-school, Elementary School and High School in Grays Lake and attended Silver Lake College but dropped out after a year to pursue his gaming career

Ninja’s dad may be to thank for his interest in gaming, it is reported his dad would stay up late at night playing video games and ninja and his brothers also took interest in playing video games, playing during the day.

Ninja’s first game he played like a pro was Halo, he got addicted and wanted to continually rank up to be the best he could be at that game. He also played Final Fantasy all the way up to college.

2014 – Health Scare

Ninja had health scares in 2014, where he was diagnosed with a retinal detachment which caused him to have severe eye pain and headaches. During this time Ninja’s vision was affected, citing he wasn’t able to read letters from the eye test. He was then referred to a specialist and underwent an eye surgery that went successfully.

However, the recovery process was intense, over the period of 4 months Ninja could not play video games or stream which made it hard for Ninja to work on during this time.

Previous to the operation Ninja was gaining about 4500 viewers per stream but when he came back from recovery he was only getting about 400 viewers per stream. Ninja started to doubt whether he would ever get back to his peak. Fortunately, we know he did!

Ninja Career

During college, Ninja started streaming his pro plays of Halo and competing in competitions even while working a job at a Noodle Bar.

When Ninjas streams became popular he decided to leave his job as it became a reliable source of income, earning over $100+ per day.

He started his professional career in gaming at MLG Orlando in 2009.
He is one of the best Halo players out there and won a tournament at the Halo 4 Exhibition and competed in tournaments in Halo Until Halo 5 in 2016.

Later in 2017, Fortnite has released which Ninja jumped on early and it really paid off, it provided a huge audience and following which skyrocketed Ninja’s following and views. Ninja jumped on this opportunity to become the very best and he achieved it.

Ninja started developing new tactics and strategies when playing Battle Royale dominating opponents which is truly entertaining to watch due to the amount of skill

In 2018, Ninja played with drake. And hosted a stream with Drake, Kim Dot Com, JuJu and, Travis Scott. This stream broke records with over 635,000 viewers, one of the most-watched streams in Twitch’s history.

What Car Does Ninja Drive?

Ninja Drives a 2015 Buick.

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