Nichole Guerriero Net Worth

Nichole Guerriero is a YouTube Beauty and Lifestyle vlogger from Tampa, Florida. In This article we will explore Nichole’s YouTube Career, How much she makes on YouTube, Guerriero’s Net Worth and more.

Net Worth$450,000
NameNichole Guerriero
BornTampa, Florida
Known ForYouTube, Instagram, Make up
Subscribers2.8 Million

Early Life

Nichole was born in Tampa, Florida in March 4th, 1986. Nichole grew up being fascinated by the art of makeup and watched her mother do her own makeup. However, her parents were strict with her and did not allow her to wear her own makeup until she turned 16.

On her 16th birthday, Nichole got some makeup and started using it, developing her own styles and getting experience with makeup. From then she decided to study Cosmetology in Dixie Collins High school which Nichole regarded as useless.

Nichole is a self-taught makeup artist, after developing her own makeup looks after she turned 16, Her friends would frequently ask her to do their make up for parties and events.

Nichole Worked at BJs Brewhouse for 5 years, which is an american restaurant and brewery as a bartender, which she enjoyed but wanted something more than that for herself.

YouTube Career

Nichole uploaded her first video in 2010, This was a review of her favourite drugstore makeup called E.l.f cosmetics. This was ideal for Nichole as she didnt feel guilty about buying lots of make up as now she had a reason, which was her videos.

Nichole posted videos on her channel consistently, it took a while for views to start coming in but that didn’t put Nichole off achieving her dream of doing it full time.

3 Years in Nichole became very popular on YouTube with her videos getting millions of views. These hair and make up tutorials matched with her bubbly personality and fun vibe of Nichole made her a hit amongst her subscribers.

Nichole’s Most viewed video is a tutorial on how to colour your hair from Brown to Red, without bleaching it!

How Much Does Nichole Guerriero make on YouTube?

Nichole’s is part of YouTubes Partnership Program which entitles her to generate revenue per each view she gets through advertisements that are pre-roll before the video, mid video or side video ads. Her channel gets approximately 28,000 views per day according to social blade. This sum equates to about $110 per day on YouTube.

Monthly she makes $3,300 soley from views and approximately $40,000 per year through creating content through her YouTube Channel.

Nicholes Other sources of income


Nichole Collaborates with many brands through her Instagram through promotion. With an account size of 2 Million followers, with pretty good engagement, it is estimated she makes $3500-$4000 per sponsored post/story.

Examples of such sponsored deals are her promotion of WetAndWildBeauty and has a brand partnership with Neutrogena.

Brand Collaborations & Affiliations

Nichole has collaborated with brands such as OGX Beauty to bring out their own collection of limited edition hair products during the holiday season scents such as Mistletoe Wishes, Ice Berry Queen and Midnight Kisses

On Nichole’s channel, she as promoted many brands which have allowed her subscribers to use affiliate codes to purchase the products she advertises. Any products sold through this venture would give approximately 5-10% commission to Nichole.

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