How Much Do YouTubers Get Paid

You’re probably wondering how much youtubers get paid to make videos and have a great time? Well it varies a lot! You may hear that youtube is the key to millions of dollars in todays world with nearly everyone watching youtube everyday but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

YouTube takes a lot of time and effort to become successful, the vast majority of YouTubers dont make a single dime for a long time. It takes passion and patience to become big and get thousands of views to every video. That being said, Youtubers who did have the passion and patience to become a streaming superstars have raked in the cash.

Why dont YouTubers make a lot of money?
The Answer is simple, lack of views which leads to low advertising revenue and dont get me wrong, YouTubers can make a lot of money but it all depends on how many views you get and how many subscribers you have (Subscribers bring you residual views you can count on). You will see bigger YouTubers like PewDiePie making millions as his videos rake in millions of views daily and other Youtubers who get hundreds of views daily bring in a couple of dollars.

Youtube is monetised by Google Adsense. When you put advertisements on your videos you will earn 70% of the income google gets per click or per view. Each click you get will be a certain amount of money usually in the range of $0.10c -$1. It really varies depending what topic your video is based on and how many advertisers are bidding for you or the topic area.  You also get paid per 1000 views of an ad this can also be in the range of $0.20 to $3 per thousand views.

Lets take one of my favourite Youtubers for example.
Tyler Oakley. For those of you who dont know Tyler, he is an immensely talented YouTuber who has been on Youtube for as long as I can remember. He’s an LGBT activist who donates a lot of his time and money (Helped raise over $1M) to the charity The Trevor Project. He’s an All-round great person!

In 2016, Tylers earnings were $6 Million according to Business Insider, one of the top 10 highest earning YouTubers of 2016. You’re probably wondering how he made so much money? This may not be 100% accurate but this is how we are seeing he is making money.

Youtube Monetization: According to tyler will earn $1.5million this year from monetisation of his YouTube Videos where he is in a partnership with BigFrame Network.

Merchandise: He also creates and sells merchandise for his fans on, I have bought some of his merch, which is absolutely fab and really worth it. Especially the iconic pocket tee!

Promotions/Sponsored Content: Tyler also does promotions in his videos where he promotes websites such as the best audiobook site,

Book: Tyler wrote and released a bestselling book called Binge in 2015.

Tours & Appearances:  Tyler toured America and Europe last year on his Tour where he performed live for his fans and followers.

Through all this immense hard work and passion, tyler was able to become one of YouTubes Top earners in 2016. What we see is that he isnt soley relying on Youtube for income, he has completely diversified his income streams from march to tours and promotions.  It does take a lot of hard work and effort to pull this all of but that said All of the above is a really impressive feat and doesnt come easy or overnight!

Ways to make money as a Youtuber.

YouTube Partnership Program: The youtube partnership program is basically google monetisezing your videos for money as mentioned in above. You earn a varied amount when someone clicks your adverts or if you get so many views of the advertisement

YouTube Networks – YouTube Networks are basically the same as the YouTube partnership programme but with Networks depending on what the network offer you, you can get a higher percentage of earnings in your contract. They may offer higher CPM or CPC.

Affiliate Links – Affiliate links are a great way to make money on YouTube. For example with affiliate links you’re promoting a certain product, when a viewer uses the link and buys the product you get a part of the commission.

For example, a Beauty YouTuber Reviews a glossy box for the month of January and tells you that you can find the glossy box link in the description and if you use her link you will get 20% off your first glossybox. When you buy said glossy box subscription she will get a commission.

You can do this with many video types such as Review videos, Your opinion on product X, Top 10 videos, Favourites Videos or Empties videos.

Sponsored Videos – Sometimes companies will reach out to you to collab with them and talk about them in a video or show or review a certain product that may appeal to your audience. They usually pay you a fee straight up which can range from $50 to $1000+ depending on the size of your audience.

You will have to disclose that the video is sponsored and give your unbiased opinion for ethic and advertising standard reasons or it may be deemed illegal by the FTC.

If you’ve gained a few thousand subscribers  and have quite a large fanbase who watch your videos, you may want to create come merchandise if they’re loyal and devoted to you or simply just like your style. Websites like and are great to produce merch for YouTubers.

So while there is no definitive answer to how much these youtubers get paid, its varies a lot from YouTuber to YouTuber but the higher the viewcount & subscriber count the more money they are probably making!

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