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MoVlogs Camera & Equipment

MoVlogs is one of the most popular YouTubers in the UAE with a following of over 8 Million Subscribers on YouTube and a further 2 million on instagram. Mo is known for living a lavish lifestyle, owning multiple supercars and spending time in amazing mansions. 

You may be wondering what camera MoVlogs uses to vlog, and we have the answers. We've spent the time researching exactly which equipment he uses so you don't have to look any further!

What Camera Does MoVlogs Use?

MoVlogs uses the Canon EOS 80D as his main camera.  This provides high quality 1080p HD Recording with fast autofocus using Canons Dual Pixel to keep him in focus at all times.

Canon G7X Mark II - Vlogging Camera

The Canon G7X MII is one of the most well known and used vlogging cameras on YouTube. For Mo's out and about vlogs he uses the G7X due to its portability along with great autofocus and video stabilisation features.

What Microphone Does MoVlogs Use?

The Rode Video Mic Pro plus provides excellent sound quality heard in MO Vlogs videos. This attaches to his G7X and his EOS 80D for the best sound quality. This is a super cardioid microphone so it captures sound directly from the source its pointing at.

What Tripod Does MOvlogs use?

ManFrotto Pixi

The Manfrotto Pixi is used by a wide variety of YouTubers, Mo Also uses this tripod for his out and about vlogs as its very lightweight, portable, easy to position and hold in your hand while vlogging.

What Laptop does movlogs use?

Mo uses a Macbook pro 15 Inch in order to edit his videos. This gives him the performance and power he needs to edit and export his videos to YouTube. He also uses Final Cut Pro X & iMovie as his video editors which are exclusive to Mac OSX 

What Video editor does movlogs use?

​Final Cut Pro X

As above,  Mo Uses Final Cut Pro X and iMovie to edit. 

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