Markiplier Net Worth

Markiplier is one of YouTube’s most renowned gaming YouTubers with over 25 Million subscribers to date. Markiplier has been on the platform since 2011 and has multiplied his net worth year on year.

This YouTube veteran has no signs of stopping and 2020 looks even brighter for the star. Lets take a look at how Markiplier rose to fame and how he earns his income.

NameMark Fischbach
Date of BirthJune 1989
FromCincinnati, Ohio
Lives inLos Angeles, California
Known ForYouTube Gaming
Net Worth$25 Million

What is Markiplier’s Net Worth?

We estimate Markiplier’s Net Worth to be around $20 Million. This is an estimate based on his YouTube revenue throughout the years, merchandise sales and sponsorships/collaborations as well as assets such as his house and cars.

How much does Markiplier Make on Youtube?

According to Socialblade Statistics Markiplier earns up to $700,000 per month though YouTube Advertising Revenue. He earns approximately $7.5 Million per year though YouTube Ad revenue alone.

Markiplier is part of the YouTube Partnership program which allows its participants to earn from $4-$10 per 1000 monetised views. This supports content creators in pursuing YouTube as a full-time career option, as it has done for Markiplier.


In collaboration with fellow gaming YouTuber and friend, Jacksepticeye the duo released an Apparel brand, CLOAK which provides fans comfortable, cool and fashionable clothing that they would want to wear.

This ranges from Hoodies, T-Shirts and more. The duo promotes this and profit we presume is split both ways.

Due to the massive audience size and loyal fanbase of the two YouTubers we presume, the duo has made upwards of a million through this venture.

YouTube Originals

Mark featured in an entertaining YouTube Original titled a Heist with Markpelier where viewers interact with content and choose the narrative of the story.

This was sponsored and produced by YouTube as part of their series of Originals.

Sponsorships & Collaborations

Mark uses sponsorships to supplement his income, Marks sponsorships align well to his audience. For example, recently mark was sponsored by EA to promote the game Apex Legends. He has also done videos with gifts from Sour Patch kids and Game Director of Doom.

Early Life

 Mark Fischbach was born in June 1989 in O’ahu, Hawaii. Due to his father’s involvement in the military, Mark and his family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he spent most of his life. His father and mother’s ethnicities make Mark half-German and half-Korean. 

Mark tried to develop skills in multiple languages, such as Portuguese and Korean. Still, he only gained slight abilities to speak in those languages.

Mark’s father introduced him and his brother to computers and computer gaming at a young age, which developed his love and passion for gaming.

  Around his high school age, Mark’s father passed away from a very long fight with cancer. Mark went through a very rough period in his life from this traumatic event and was under a significant amount of stress and depressed feelings.

 After beginning his studies in biomedical engineering at the University of Cincinnati, Mark’s feelings of stress from school led him to drop out. It was around this time that his YouTube platform was created.

How Mark Became One of the Most Recognized Names on YouTube:

 In May 2012, the YouTube channel MarkiplierGAME was created. His passion and enjoyment from gaming was the go-to platform for Mark to begin his YouTube content. He recorded his gameplay and commentary that was very alluring to his growing audience.

 Markiplier is known for his dramatic and emotional reactions to gaming. His gameplay of horror and suspense games are some of the fan favorites due to his wild reactions. One of his most famous gameplay series comes from his Five Nights at Freddy’s videos.

 Similar to other popular YouTubers in the gaming genre, Markiplier also posts reaction style videos and has created an animated series of videos that relate to the games he’s played.

 While Markiplier has created thousands of hours of gameplay videos of all types of video games, he is most famous for his horror game videos, as they have become a crucial part of his character and channel.

 The focus on games with horror or outrageously funny themes are a perfect match for Markiplier’s outgoing and emotional personality. His dramatic reactions are a fan favorite and are unique to his channel.

 Markiplier’s rapid success on YouTube and his devoted community has led to his establishment as a prominent name on the platform. YouTube has even created the series A Heist With Markiplier, an opportunity working directly with YouTube that very few creators have been given.

Because of his father’s history with cancer, Markiplier has used his platform and following to donate over 3 million dollars to charity.

 As a verified creator on YouTube, Markiplier has over 25 million subscribers. His channel has over 10 billion total views, a feat very few creators can boast about. He has established himself as one of the highest-earning YouTube creators on the website.

Markiplier Outside of YouTube:

 Along with his career on YouTube, Markiplier has created a line of clothing and accessories called Cloak. His brand has expanded beyond just his channel and is now advertised by other large YouTubers.

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