Lilly Singh Camera Setup & Equipment 2019

Lilly Singh - SuperWoman 

Name: Lilly Singh

Age: 30 

Birthplace: Canada

YouTuber Type: Vlogger, Comedy

Main Channel: IISuperwomanII  

Lilly, AKA Superwoman, started her YouTube Channel in October 2010 and since then has become a force to be reckoned with. She is one of the funniest YouTube Comedians, winning 2 Teen Choice Awards and featuring in YouTube Rewind every year since 2014.

We've created a list of the equipment Lilly uses to create videos on her channels and social media for those who are looking to get an insight to her process!

Picture of Lilly Singh

What Camera Does Lilly Singh Use?

Canon 1DX Mark  II - Main Channel Camera

Lilly uses the Canon 1DX For her main channel videos. You will notice that it records in 4K Definition and has superior quality compared to videos on the vlogging channel.

Lilly also uses the Canon EOS 80D which she uses throughout her main channel and her vlogging channel.

This camera is perfect for both as it produces high quality video and has a fully articulating flip screen.

iPhone XS Max - Instagram Camera

For Instagram and Social Media, Lilly uses the iPhone XS Max. This camera is amazing for selfies, taking photos and videos on the go to post on stories.

Canon G7X Mark II - Vlogging Camera

The Canon G7X Mark II used to be used a lot in videos throughout 2017, however has not been used as frequently since.

We would recommend this camera for YouTubers who are looking to get a start into vlogging on YouTube.

What Microphone does lilly Singh use?

Lilly uses 2 main microphones the first is the Rode VideoMic Pro Plus which we can see in various of Lilly's Vlog Channel Videos.

This is attached to her cameras, so she can get better audio quality while vlogging or recoding a video for her main channel.

Røde NTUSB - Studio Microphone

As we know Lilly is multi talented, she is an amazing singer and the second microphone she uses is the Rode NTUSB.

This USB Microphone can be found in her recording studio connected to her Macbook Pro for when she wants to record vocals.

What Laptop does lilly singh use?

Superwoman has used the Macbook Pro 15 Inch in many of her videos. We presume she edits with this laptop due to its performance power and its ability to use her editor of choice which is Final Cut Pro.

What Video Editor does she use?

​Final Cut Pro X

As Lilly uses the Macbook Pro, she has been seen to use one YouTubers Favourite Video editing softwares which is Final Cut Pro X.

What Lightboxes does lilly singh use?

Litemat S2

Lilly uses Litegear's Litemat 2L to provide studio and production quality lighting for her videos. She has two of these to provide lighting. These are pretty advanced and pricey but are worth the investment when YouTube is your career.

Where did we get this information?

We found this information in a few of Lilly Singh's Videos. We're big fans and love tech so we take notice!
Here are a few of the videos you can spot the above equipment in!

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