Lazarbeam ​Net Worth

LazarBeam Also known as Lannan Eacott is an Australian Gaming YouTuber with his fanbase known as Bloody Legends. Lazarbeam is a comedic gamer with wild gaming commentaries that are seriously entertaining to watch.

Lazarbeam’s Net Worth in 2019 is currently $7.5 Million.

Net Worth$7.5 Million
NameLannan Eacott
Date of Birth14th December 1994
Place of BirthAustralia
YouTube URL:LazarBeam

Before YouTube

Before Lannan joined YouTube, Lannan dropped out of high school and worked with his family in their construction business. He worked with his family on their business for a while but ultimately decided it wasn’t for him and in 2014 found a passion in making videos, using construction and demolition equipment called on his first channel called Crush Slash.

YouTube Career

On his first channel Crush Slash, Lannan would break random household objects, as Lannan says himself “A Shitty Australian version of the Slo Mo Guys” but with JCB’s. The channel holds a special place in his heart, we presume right beside Willeh (Bloody Legend).

However all Lazarbeam’s Camera Gear, about $10,000 worth to be exact, obviously was expensive to replace which is why he started to look to do something else. Which turned out to be Lazarbeam

Fun Fact: Lannan also spent time training as a pilot! 

Lannan Started Lazarbeam in January 2015 and uploaded his first video a month later in February. He started by playing Madden and GTA 5 videos with different mods.  For the first year, he continued playing sport type games on LazarBeam and then shifted to playing other games and adding different genres of videos such as reaction videos and vlogs to his channel.

In 2017, he started playing Fortnite Battle Royale and started to do hilarious gameplay videos which gained a lot of traction and propelled Lannan’s popularity in the gaming community on YouTube becoming number 1 most viewed for a time with 600 Million views.

How Much Does Lazarbeam make on YouTube?

Lazarbeam’s channel brings in approximately 7 million daily views, approximately $16,000 per day. This is accounting that 40-60% of the views are monetised views at a range between $4 – $7 CPM.

Staying at this level of daily views will estimated a monthly ad revenue of $480,000 and approximately $5.8 Million a year.

Lazarbeam is also part of the Click Gaming House on YouTube and presumably makes a share of the revenue on this channel.

These are all estimates based on viewer data from socialblade and the above method of approximation. This is all before tax, therefore not net.

How Does Lazarbeam Make Money On YouTube?

Lazarbeam makes money through Google’s YouTube Partnership Programme. YouTubers are paid through Adsense between $1 and $7 per 1000 monetized views after they take their cut of the profit. Monetised views count for 40-60% of views. This is based on a number of factors such as viewer location, a device the viewer is using, type of advertisement, the advertiser and their bid.

When Lazarbeam’s content falls into the top 5% of the most popular content on YouTube in terms of views that day/week. Those videos fall into a programme called Google Preferred where advertisers pay higher amounts to target these videos, resulting in higher earnings for the YouTuber. To learn more about how YouTube pays YouTubers to check out our YouTube CPM Article.

Lazarbeam also makes money through partnerships and paid sponsorships for example with Apex Legends, Elgato Gaming and others.

Twitch Streams
Lannan also streams on twitch but he is mostly a YouTuber, this can also supplement his income through subscribers and donations through the twitch platform.

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