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Jordi Van den Bussche is a gamer/vlogger YouTuber who is more commonly known as Kwebbelkop. He currently has 10 million subscribers on the platform and his subscriber count still rises each day. He also calls fans and subscribers 

Net Worth$12 Million
NameJordi Van den Bussche 
Subscribers10 Million

Early Life

Jordi was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was a child. When he was two years old his parents got divorced. He was constantly getting bullied because of his problems in life but he never gave up and gave his best in order to finish his studies. He swore to overcome all of these challenges that he was facing and he tackled them head on which makes his rise to fame more inspiring and more motivational.

YouTube Career

He started uploading videos way back in 2011 and started doing daily uploads in October 2012. He started uploading gaming videos, more specifically Call of Duty Black Ops and Call of Duty Modern Warfare videos and this is what he was known for at that time. He reached 10, 000 subscribers on his 18thbirthday, June 1, 2013 and from there his channel slowly grew. 

He eventually started posting and playing other games aside from Call of Duty such as, GTA V, Roblox and, Fortnite. His content slowly evolved and he started doing vlogs which his subscribers liked a lot. 

He started to evolve and he tried streaming, vlogging, and gaming. His streaming career was quite short and wasn’t that popular but his vlogging was a big hit and he has posted vlogs ever since. He always wants to entertain people and he always wants what’s best for his audience. He constantly changed his equipment, he always wanted to upgrade his camera for improved quality, his mic for better audio and his content quality as a whole. People come back and watch him not only because of the content he produces and not only to be entertained but also because of his always improving video quality and content quality.

SubscribersDate Achieved
1 MillionMarch 22, 2015
2 MillionAugust 9, 2015
3 MillionJanuary 3, 2016
4 MillionApril 24, 2016
5 MillionJuly 29, 2016
6 MillionDecember 24, 2016
7 MillionJuly 13, 2017
8 MillionMarch 8, 2018
9 MillionSeptember 22, 2018
10 MillionFebruary 16, 2019

Kwebbelkops Net Worth 2019

After calculating Kwebbelkops income from YouTube and other venture’s we estimate his net worth in 2019 to be $12 Million

How much does Kwebbelkops make from YouTube?

Kwebbelkops receives 3 Million views per day average on his videos according to socialblade. This amounts to approximately $13,000 a day average.

Yearly, Kwebblekops makes approximately $4.5 Million in ad revenue through the Google Partnership Programme.

Kwebbelkop’s other forms of revenue@

Kwebbelkop’s partners with many brands such as Corsair and Asus, recently releasing his own line of gaming PCs and LG monitors.

Kwebblekops also runs his own merchandise shop through Merchplanet. We’re not sure how much kwebblekop’s makes through this venture but it adds a good amount to his income due to his very loyal fanbase who will rep him.

He also adds affiliate links to his videos, for things like his capture card, video card, pc setup etc. We presume he takes a cut of approximately 5-10% from each sale that comes from clicks through these links.

Instagram – Kwebbelkop’s has a total of 1Million Instagram followers and uses this to promote brands or do sponsored posts. We don’t know the value of the posts but they can cost approximately $4000+ per for post due the number of followers on this account and the amount of post interactions.

In terms of sponsored videos, it can be anywhere from $20,000+ per video due to the amount of interactions and subscribers.

Kwebbelkop’s Girlfriend

Azzyland, another famous YouTuber is currently Kwebbelkop’s girlfriend. They have been together since 2016 and have also been creating content such as vlogs, challenges and, pranks together from time to time. Aside from the content that he creates, the content that he makes together with Azzyland, he also occasionally posts MomVlogs on his channel which are basically vlogs created or centered around his mother, whom he calls KwebbelMom.