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Kwebbelkop is a dutch gaming YouTuber who has risen to fame in the past few years. Currently nearing 11 Million Subscribers on YouTube, hes one of YouTube's Gaming Superstars. You may be wondering what equipment does Kwebbelkop use? What vlogging camera or webcam does he use for his streams or videos. We have the answers below!

What Camera Does Kwebbelkop Use?

Panasonic HC-X1000 4K

  • Type: Professional Camcorder
  • Movie Resolution: 4k 60p
  • Monitor: 3 Inch Articulating 
  • Vlogger Level: Intermediate

The Panasonic HC-X1000 Professional Camcorder is one of the cameras that Kwebbelkop uses to record his videos. It can film videos up to a resolution of Ultra HD 4K, which means that it provides you with pixels for days. It provides excellent video quality and it also has image stabilizations features built-in to ensure that moving subjects are crystal clear and blur free.

The camera also has a large Leica Dicomar Lens with 4 other lens groups inside, and you can manually adjust the lenses. These lenses provides you with fine videos and offers the flexibility in order to capture the exact quality and the exact scene you want. It also has a built-in professional audio terminal, which means that if you pair this with a great microphone you are going to be able to get not only excellent video quality but excellent audio quality as well.

The camera also features a built-in IR emitter and an IR recording mode which allows you to shoot in 4K Ultra HD in low light settings up to complete and total darkness. With the power and the features that this camera brings, it’s easy to see why Kwebbelkop uses this camera for recording his videos.

What Webcam Does Kwebbelkop Use?

Logitech C930E

  • Type: Professional Webcam
  • Movie Resolution: 1080p HD
  • Built for streamers

Kwebbelkop uses the Logitech C930e Full HD Webcam for streaming. This webcam is used by a variety of different streamers and Logitech claims that is it their most advanced HD webcam. It features a 4x zoom and a wide 90-degree pan which is good for people who have great backgrounds or people who want to capture their background while recording. It can tilt and pan which makes it easy to use and makes it easy to get the exact angle you want. It can be clipped onto a monitor or can be put on a tripod, whichever works for you.

It also has an autofocus feature to make sure that you are always in focus while you stream. It also has some great low light performance so if you are recording from a poorly lit room, it can still capture your epic reactions. The Logitech C930e is also one of the few webcams that does on-board video recording which means that the video is encoded through the webcam itself which lightens the load of off your computer which should result in better video quality and less lag.

The Logitech C930e Full HD Webcam is a great webcam with a ton of different features, not to mention that Logitech in general is one of the producers of the best quality webcams in the market. You can never go wrong with the Logitech C930e Full HD Webcam.

What Microphone Does Kwebbelkop Use?

Røde Broadcaster Studio Microphone

  • Type: condenser Microphone
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Vlogger Level: Professional

Audio quality is just as important as video quality, which is why Kwebbelkop uses the Rode Broadcaster Studio Microphone because of its superb audio quality. Condenser microphones are generally considered to be one of the microphones that records and captures a lot of background noise, these are noise that can be heard in the background such as fans spinning or air-conditioning running, but the Rode Broadcaster Studio Microphone proves that idea wrong.

It has an ultra-low noise feature which blocks out any background audio and makes sure that only the voice of the user would be recorded. It also has a built-in internal pop filter which minimizes the explosive sounds such as pronouncing “P” and “B.”

This also ensures that the user’s voice would be smooth and clear. The Rode Broadcaster Studio Microphone is a standard in radio stations and you can almost guarantee that you will see it in one.

It also features an “On-Air” LED indicator when connected to the proper equipment which means that it lights up when recording/broadcasting but when no such equipment is available it will still light up if it is being supplied with power and it will turn-off if it isn’t.

A lot of different radio stations use this microphone and a lot of different YouTubers and Podcasts use this mic as well. It provides you with excellent audio quality and is one of the best microphones available in the market.