JoJo Siwa Net Worth

JoJo Siwa took the world by storm in 2018 and 2019, and to be honest 2020 is looking even brighter for the young star who is known for her signature ponytail.

As the star’s popularity increased, so did her net worth which skyrocketed to new levels in 2019 thanks to her entrepreneurial mindset! Check out JoJo’s Net Worth below and how she has made her money.

Name:Joelle Joanie Siwa
Date of BirthMay 2003
FromOmaha, Nebraska
Known ForTV Shows, YouTube
Subscribers10.6 Million
Net Worth$20 Million

We estimate JoJo Siwa’s net worth to be approximately $20 million due to her Youtube Revenue, Sales of Merchandise, Brand Deals as well as her TV and Music Career. However, we do not have any knowledge of how much JoJo gets paid through her brand partnerships in merchandising, or through various contracts with TV Networks and the figure could be a lot higher.

How Much Does JoJo Siwa Make on YouTube?

According to Socialblade JoJo makes approximately $200,000 per month from her YouTube Channel based on 50 Million views per month of her content. Yearly, its estimated JoJo makes approximately $3 Million from her YouTube Channel alone. This puts JoJo into the highest paid YouTubers for her age!

JoJo is part of the YouTube Partnership Program which pays anywhere from $4 to $10 per thousand views of JoJo’s content.

Merchandise & Book Sales

JoJo is known for her merchandise which her young fans absolutely adore! JoJo’s merchandise is available on Amazon, Claires, Walmart, Target and many other major retailers.

In 2018, JoJo Sold over 40 Million bows at $9.99 each. Which gives a gross profit of  $399,600,000. JoJo doesn’t get to keep all of this thanks to taxes, production and retailer costs but she sure gets a good chunk of it!

Thats not all, JoJo inked book deals with Nickelodeon and Abhrams creating children’s book. At present, JoJo has released 13 books either written/co-written by or featuring her.

We’re unsure about how much JoJo has made from book sales, however they have been highly sought after during the holidays season by parents to young children!

Music Tour

JoJo is absolutely slaying it on the stage and girl is getting her dollar bills! Last year in 2019, her *DEBUT* tour in collaboration with Nickelodeon earned her over $26.9 Million according to Billboard. An astounding figure for a 16 year old, JoJo doesn’t get all of the money due to the collaboration and costs but we assume she still gets a good sum of it!

Acting (TV & Film)

Jojo is part of Nickelodeon and created a series based around her Dream Tour (Yep, the one where she made over 26 Million). This 8 Episode series followed JoJo around on her tour and her young fans got a closer look into JoJo’s life!

She also features in Nickelodeon’s Lip Sync Battle Shorties, as a guest judge.

Early Life

Joelle Joanie Siwa, known as Jojo, was born in Omaha, Nebraska, in May 2003. Jojo’s early interest in dance was formed by inspiration from her mother Jessalynn Siwa, who was a professional dance instructor. As she went through elementary school, Jojo was involved in various dance competitions and kept up her practices with her mother. 

 As she grew older, Jojo began to audition and compete for a spot on more prestigious dance teams. 

Her rise in household popularity came from her early appearances on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and Dance Moms, where her personality and dancing skills were shared on TV. This exposure through these popular TV shows was the beginning of Jojo’s rising fame at a young age.

Dancing, Singing, and Acting Her Way onto YouTube

 Jojo Siwa created her YouTube channel in February 2015, where she began to share vlogs with her audience. Her popularity in YouTube exploded from her already established fan base from her TV appearances. 

 Her videos started from very humble beginnings, where she filmed on an iPhone in a home movie style where she could interact with her fans and share her daily life. After about a year into her career on YouTube, her videos became more professional but holding the same vlogging style format.

 Jojo’s unique style of wearing bright colors, large hair bows, and her extremely outgoing personality bring to her audience. Along with her vlogging, Jojo Siwa experienced a massive growth in her YouTube channel when her song and music video Boomerang was released. Since its release three years ago, Boomerang has now gained over 822 million views!

Due to her success with the first song and music video, Jojo Siwa started making more music for children. The videos feature choreography that is common in her videos due to her reputation as a dancer. Her music videos for Kid In A Candy Store and Hold The Drama were both released a year after Boomerang and also gained enormous popularity.

 Her music career through YouTube increased her following by a significant amount, but she does not focus too much on the music. She still produces many vlogs and helpful videos to inspire her young fans.

 The content from Jojo Siwa’s YouTube channel is primarily directed to young girls and boys with a passion for dancing. Her venture into the music industry has led her to become a family name for children’s music.

 From the early days of filming home videos on her iPhone to creating high production music videos, Jojo Siwa has gained a large following on YouTube. She currently has 10.6 million followers. As she produces more music, her popularity will continue to skyrocket, but she won’t stop posting her classic vlog videos.

Jojo Siwa Outside of YouTube:

 Due to her multiple talents in entertainment, Jojo has become a popular name and face on TV. Her beginnings on dance competition show ushered in her more recent career for the company Nickelodeon.

 Most recently, Jojo Siwa embarked on her debut concert tour sponsored by Nickelodeon due to her massive following from her music and personality.

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