Jenn McAllister & Lauren Elizabeth to star in ‘Bad Night’ Movie

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This weekend popular YouTubers,  Jenn McAllister and Lauren Elizabeth Lutheringhausen Announced at Playlist live that they will star in a new movie ‘Bad Night’ a youtube crossover film produced by GRB Entertainment

The two Youtubers have a combined audience of over 3.1million subscribers. Lauren has over 850,000 subcribers and Jenn has a fanbase of over 2.3million subscribers over her 3 channels and is also part of awesomenessTV.

The movie is based on a story of two high school students, Kate (Lauren) and  Abby (Jenn) try to liven up a field trip by adventuring off but end up getting in the wrong car, putting their lives and the possibility of missing their graduation in danger.

10963712_727820514003476_547492475_nThe movie is written by Daniel Kinno and movie will be directed by the riedell brothers, Nick and Chris Riedell who directed one of the first massively successful Youtube crossover films “Camp Takota” which featured Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart. Co-Starring in ‘Bad Night’ is  Adam Pally, Carey Wilson, Eric Edelstein, Gareth Reynolds,James Kirkland, Judy Marte, Julianna Guill, Owen Smith and Matt Walsh.

The movie will start its Two weeks of production tuesday, February 10th after one of youtube’s major social gathering events, PlayList Live which is held in Orlando, Florida. The movie is made to appeal to the Youtubers Fanbase, reports that the movie was cast before it was scripted. “The creative freedom that GRB has afforded me and my team to make the movie the way we wanted to, with the story we wanted to, has been spectacular, and that’s a large reason everyone working on this is so excited about this” says Tesler.

We are seeing more and more Youtube Crossover films and companies are investing more in YouTube Influencers. Also announced at Playlist live was Kian Lawley’s Film debut in the Film “The Chosen”. “It’s a new way to make a film, and I think a process that will be repeated over and over again as these digital-influencer movies become more commonplace,” said Tesler.

There is no current release date for the movie but hopefully it should arrive soon. You can check out more about the movie by visiting

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