James Charles Net Worth

James Charles is one of the most well known figures in the YouTube Beauty community. It seems drama is never far from the young beauty guru, who had a tough 2019 however that didn’t stop him from increasing his income and net worth dramatically.

Let’s take a look at how James Charles with the help of his sisters earns his income though YouTube.

NameJames Charles
Age 20
Date of BirthMay, 1999
FromBethlehem, New York
Lives inLos Angeles, California
Known ForYouTube, Cosmetics
Net Worth$25 Million

What is James Charles Net Worth?

As of 2020, we estimate James Charles net worth to be approximately $25 million. James has created his net worth from his YouTube earnings, Sales of Cosmetics, Affiliations as well as brand sponsorship through YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

How Much Does James Charles Make on YouTube?

According to Socialblade, James Charles makes approximately $150,000 per month from YouTube Advertising Revenue. Yearly it is estimated he makes up to $2.5 Million in advertising revenue form monetised views on his channel.

James Charles is part of the YouTube Partnership Programme which allows him to earn money from monetised views by playing advertisements before, during and after the content.

Merchandise – Sisters Apparel

James Charles launched his own merchandise line, Sisters Apparel. This line comes with hoodies, t-shirts, sweats and accessories which all carry his signature “Sisters” label.

His collections normally sell out, bringing in a lot of income from the sale of the merchandise for James. It is estimated he has made millions from the sales of his merchandise.


James Charles is well known for his cosmetics. James Crafts his own palettes and brushes in collaboration with Cosmetics brand Morphe. His sisters absolutely adore these palettes which selling out minutes from release.

We estimate James has earned $10 Million or more from his ventures in cosmetics based on similar collaborations between Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson.

Brand Sponsorships & Affiliations

Its well known that James charles has a massive audience of loyal followers known as Sisters, his audience on YouTube is over 16 Million to date, similarly 16.5 Million on instagram outdoing many of his competitors in terms of followers.

Many brands pay large sums of money in order to get access to these audiences since these influencers have such large followings, which allows James to gain a considerable amount of income through endorsement of these brands.

In 2019 however, he was hit with backlash for promoting supplements which it was later found he may not have used and ended up in a feud with fellow beauty YouTuber, Tati Westbrook. This may have affected the relationship with brands, however since the drama has died down, we believe that big-name brands still want to work with James.

James also has multiple discount codes with various stores such as Morphe Skindinavia, Lauras Boutique and more which allows him to get a percentage cut from sales made using his code, adding another stream of income to the entrepreneurial YouTubers Streams of income.

Early Life

James Charles has become one of the most prominent names in YouTube’s beauty genre. James was born in Bethlehem, New York, in May 1999. His career and fame started at a young age, where he had already created his brand and channel before graduating high school.

In middle school, James came out to his family and friends as gay, and all of the most influential people around him were very supportive of his personal decision. His early interest in cosmetics and beauty information influenced him to pursue his passion. His lifestyle and interests jumpstarted his career as an entertainer and model.

The Foundation of “The Sisters” and James’ Rise to Fame:

 In December 2015, James Charles created his YouTube channel while working as a hairstylist and experimenting with cosmetic styling. His early videos stay true to even his current content of providing makeup tutorials for his viewers.

 While YouTube is James’ main platform for sharing content with his viewers, he also has a massive following on other social media sites. His activity on all the social media platforms sparked a rapid following.

 His talent and unique approaches to makeup and cosmetic styling caused his channel to gain a massive following early on. His makeup tutorials, cosmetic reviews, and challenges were an enormous hit. Even some of his earlier videos have millions of views, such as the Full Face Using No Brushes Makeup Challenge.

 Many of his videos provide his audience with very useful information on creating new and artistic styles with cosmetics. He also has many videos with commentary and features many popular YouTube or influencer guests. One of his most viewed videos is Doing Kylie Jenner’s Halloween Makeup, which has 34 million views.

 James’ collaboration with other celebrities and influencers boosted his brand and spread his popularity. His followers keep a close eye on all his content and posts on social media. His popularity has also sparked some drama after making insensitive jokes and being caught telling misleading information.

 Despite some setbacks and drama within the “Sisters” universe, which is what he refers to his fans and friends as. James Charles continues to rise in popularity, now holding one of the most recognizable names on YouTube.

 James’ YouTube channel currently has 16.8 million subscribers and is still a top performer in the beauty segment of YouTube. He is still one of the most popular channels on YouTube, and his videos are often seen on the Trending page.

James Charles Outside of YouTube: 

 James Charles has a massive following on other social media platforms, so he is often creating content and working with other creators outside of YouTube. James has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to share the story of his rise to stardom.

 Before he finished high school, James was given the role as the first male influencer to work for CoverGirl. Following his massive success, James Charles worked with the company Morphe Cosmetics to release his own line of cosmetics that became instantly popular among his fans.

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