Jaclyn Hill Net Worth

Jaclyn Hill is a well known Beauty YouTuber most known for her beauty collaborations with Becca Cosmetics and Mophe as well as doing Kim Kardashian’s Make Up. You’re probably wondering how much is Jacyln Hill Worth? We’ve had a look at estimated figures to calculate her net worth!

NameJaclyn Hill
Date of BirthJuly 20, 1990
Known ForYouTube, Cosmetics
Net Worth$3.5 Million

What is Jaclyn Hill’s Net Worth?

Jaclyn’s net worth is an estimated $3.5 Million as of 2019.
This net worth total is an estimate from her total net assets (Cars, Home, Business) & estimated yearly earnings after tax.

Before YouTube

Before Jaclyn became a YouTuber, Jacyln worked as a freelance make up artist and a MAC Cosmetics make up artist. Hill was always artistically gifted, and was homeschooled during her childhood and later went onto study Photography in college in Florida.

Combining the perfect mix of a photography and make up artistry, Jacklyn was soon to become one of the most influential YouTube Make Up Artists.

YouTube Career

Jaclyn started on YouTube in December, 2011 and became instantly popular as a beauty blogger and make up artist. 2 and a half years later in May 2014, Jaclyn reached 1 Million Subscribers.

Since then Jaclyn has been a force to be reckoned with. Jaclyn has done the make up of many celebrity guests on her channel. One of the most watched videos on her channel, her Get Ready With Me and Kim Kardashian.

From her YouTube Career also spurred many other opportunities within the beauty industry. Having being heavily involved and an influencer, Jaclyn has collaborated with Morphe under the name “MORPHE X JACLYN HILL” and the Australian Make Up Brand Becca Cosmetics to release  “Champagne Pop” Palette.

Jaclyn has also won the “The Shorty Award” in 201x which is a social media influencer award which jaclyn got for producing great YouTube content and in 201x won the American Influencer Award, a highly prestigious award for American influencers.

How Much Does Jaclyn Hill Make On YouTube?

Jaclyn daily average in terms of views according to socialblade is
200,000 views per day. This would equate to $520 a day considering most of the traffic is US/CA/UK/AU Based and a CPM of $4 with a certain percentage of monetised views.

Based on this Jaclyn makes an estimated $250,000 on YouTube per year.

How Does Jaclyn Hill Make Money On YouTube?

Jaclyn Hill makes money through Google’s YouTube Partnership Programme. YouTubers are paid through Adsense between $1 and $7 per 1000 monetised views after they take their cut of the profit. Monetised views count for 40-60% of views. This is based on a number of factors such as viewer location, a device the viewer is using, type of advertisement, the advertiser and their bid.

When Jaclyn’s content falls into the top 5% of the most popular content on YouTube in terms of views that day/week. Those videos fall into a programme called Google Preferred where advertisers pay higher amounts to target these videos, resulting in higher earnings for the YouTuber. To learn more about how YouTube pays YouTubers to check out our YouTube CPM Article.

Jaclyn’s Beauty Collaborations

In 2016 Jacyln collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to bring out various collaborations from eyeshadows to highlighters under the collaboration called BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection. We do not know the exact figure of the deal but there has been much speculation online on forums like GuruGossiper.

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill. – The Morphe Jacyln hill deal included a set of brushes, an eyeshadow apallete said to be worth $125,000.

This inside also claimed knowledge that said Becca sold 90,000 champagne pop units worldwide a month and if Jaclyn made a 5% commission she made $171,000 a month. And that she made $750,000 on her first favourites palette.

Affiliations & Sponsorships

Jaclyn has affiliated with multiple brands over the past year, by the use of affiliate codes and promo codes in her videos on Youtube, Instagram and more. These amounts have been undisclosed and only Jaclyn and the brands she has worked with know the extact figures of the net worth.

Jaclyn Hill’s Home Worth

According to Gossip Forum, a source found that Jaclyn’s house was worth an estimated $2M. Jaclyn has posted videos of her house on Instagram and YouTube, and has also been featured on online blogs.

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