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Jaclyn hill is one of YouTubes most prominent beauty and lifestyle vloggers today. She has grown an empire of 5.9Million subscribers with a total net worth of $3.5M You may be wondering what camera and equipment a YouTuber like Jaclyn Hill uses? Check it out below.

What Camera does Jaclyn Hill Use?

Canon EOS 5Ds 

For  Jaclyn's Main YouTube Videos on her channel, she uses the Canon EOS 5Ds. This is a professional vlogging camera mainly for established YouTubers.

The Canon EOS 5DS, shoots in FULL HD quality using its 50MP sensor for vivid footage that you see on Jaclyns videos. It also contains a 61 Auto Focus points to keep you in focus while shooting.

What vlogging camera does Jacyln Hill use?

Sony A5100 

Jaclyn uses Sony's A5100 for vlogging. The A5100 features Full HD Video quality along with sony's brilliant auto focus features.

This vlogging camera also contains a 180 Degree flip up screen to ensure that you are in the frame. This is a great vlogging camera for entry level vloggers.

What microphone does jaclyn hill use?

Jaclyn uses the Rode Vid Mic Pro plus camera mic to record the audio for her videos as it gives a better quality of audio than that recorded from the cameras internal mic. 

This is a must have for any serious vlogger who wants to improve the quality of their videos as sound is a crucial part of it!

What Laptop does Jaclyn Hill Use?

Jaclyn primarily uses a mac to edit her videos. This is because Macbooks perform better for creative tools such as premiere pro, final cut and more compared to their PC rivals. 

What Video Editing Software Does Jaclyn Hill Use?

​Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is the video editor of choice for a variety of YouTubers. This is one of the main tools for video editing which is only available on Apple's Mac range of Laptops, Desktops.