JackSepticEye Net Worth

JackSepticEye is one of Ireland’s most popular YouTubers taking the number one spot in terms of subscribers. He is one of the world’s most popular gaming YouTubers.

You may be wondering what is Jacks net worth is, so lets get into it!

NameSean McLoughlin
FromCloghan – Co.Offaly, Ireland
Lives inBrighton, United Kingdom
Known ForYouTube, Voice Acting, Interviews
Subscribers24 Million
Net Worth$20 million

What is JackSepticEye’s Net Worth?

We estimated JacksepticEye’s net worth to be approximately $20 million as of 2020. This comes from his assets such as his house, his annual YouTube Revenue throughout the years as well as revenue earned from ventures such as merchandise and sponsorships.

In 2018, Forbes estimated he made $16 Million from his work from June 2017- June 2018.

How Does JacksSepticEye Make Money?

Sean makes his money through multiple well-developed income streams that include YouTube advertising revenue, his own merchandise, and clothing brand, touring and sponsorships.

YouTube Ad Revenue

According to Socialblade, Jack makes approximately $540,000 per month from YouTube Advertising revenue based on an average of 135 – 200 Million views per month. Yearly, it’s estimated the Irish YouTuber makes over $6 Million from his views.

Jack is part of the YouTube partnership program which allows him to monetize his videos on his channel and make anywhere from $4-$10 per 1000 views of his content.

Cloak Clothing Brand

Jack and Markiplier set up the Cloak Clothing brand and pitches itself as a high end apparel brand with clothes that are cool and comfortable to wear. Cloak sells hoodies, T-shirts, bottoms, and accessories that accommodate for all sizes.

The brand also support great causes within the community such as The Trevor Project. CLOAK created a special Pride Drop donating 10% of proceeds to the LGBT charity.

Sponsorship Earnings

In the past Jack has teamed up with brands that suit his audience. For example a recent collaboration with Google for their new Stadia Cloud Gaming Product, as well as other brands.

JacksSepticEye Personal Life

 Ireland native Seán William McLoughlin was born in February 1990 in Athlone, Ireland. His alias and nickname of Jacksepticeye stemmed from the nickname Jack that his family and friends referred to him as because it is a common nickname for boys named Seán in Ireland.

 The portion of his alter ego “septiceye” comes from a story from his childhood of an accident when playing football and received a painful eye injury. Upon seeing his injury and the resulting fluid draining from his eye, his friends began to call him Jack Septiceye.

 As Jack grew, he pursued a degree in Hotel Management after previously dropping out of university studying Music Technology. His interest in music technology came from his involvement in a heavy-metal band.

The Rise of a YouTube Veteran:

 After only two years that YouTube was created and announced in 2005, Jacksepticeye created his channel in February 2007. His activity on the platform did not begin until five years later when he started to post videos in 2012.

 Jack’s claim to fame began when he started to share videos involving new video games and making comedy sketches about video game characters such as his early video doing a Solid Snake Impression.

 Suddenly, Jack received a massive growth in following when one of YouTube’s larges channels, PewDiePie, gave him a shout out for winning a competition. This influenced a significant increase in his following, which would continue to multiply through the years.

 YouTube is a common platform for discussion and gameplay of video games to be shared with audiences, but Jack stood out from the group, ever-growing his presence through his unique content.  

 Jacksepticeye kept sharing gaming content of all game genres, appealing to a broad audience. One of his most popular series of “Let’s Play” videos is him playing the game Skate 3.

 Along with his various videos related to videogames, he began to share videos with animated stories and many styles of reaction videos. Along his career growth, the rise of commentary channels took YouTube by storm. Commentary and gaming come together beautifully on Jack’s channel, giving his fans many topics to laugh and discuss.

 Jack has created an excellent name for himself through YouTube and is familiar with a cluster of the most popular YouTubers. Jacksepticeye holds a spot in the top 100 most subscribed and watched channels.

 With billions of views across his videos all the way back in 2012 to today, Jacksepticeye currently has 23.3 million subscribers. Jack’s ability to bring entertainment to a wide range of viewers of many ages has established his spot in the YouTube hall of fame.

 Jacksepticeye’s channel faced some controversy after making remarks about some drama with PewDiePie’s relationship with YouTube. PewDiePie contributed to the rise in Jack’s stardom, and Jack had made some criticisms of his longtime friend that resulted in tension between the two creators and their fans.

Jacksepticeye Outside of YouTube:

 Jacksepticeye is very well known for using his platform to help promote charitable causes. He is very philanthropic and has donated more than a million dollars to various charities. 

 Jack took part as a comedian in the HowTheLightGetsIn festival that featured musicians and philosophers. He also began to produce some gaming content that would be exclusively found on Twitch. 

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