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YouTube is quickly becoming a real threat to twitch. Many gamers have started to move over to YouTube’s streaming platform which makes it easier for YouTubers who have already built audiences there to keep their audience entertained on one platform.

If you’re a current YouTuber who wants to start streaming on YouTube or a new YouTuber who wants to build an audience by streaming on YouTube but don’t quite know how yet, this simple step by step guide will get you up to speed

1. Download & Install OBS

OBS is a program that allows you to capture your gameplay footage and stream it directly to YouTube. You can download it directly on Simply choose your operating system, download and install it. If you’ve already have OBS installed from before skip to step two where we’ll find out how to get your stream key.

2. Getting your YouTube Streaming Key

To stream your gameplay you’ll need to set up the encoder (OBS) with a key that comes from YouTube, so it knows where to stream the footage to. You can get this on YouTube Live Dashboard.

If you’re a new YouTube account, it may take up to 24 hours to access the YouTube Live options by verifying your phone number

On the YouTube Live dashboard, you’ll find a section called Encoder setup.
Click reveal on the Stream name/Key option and copy the stream key. Once you have gotten this information we’ll go back to OBS. Remember, do not share your Stream Key with anyone, if they get hold of your stream key they have the ability to stream to your channel.

3. Setting Up OBS with YouTube Streaming

If it’s your first time going through setting up OBS, use the configuration wizard to set up your YouTube stream. Choose the ‘YouTube’ Option in the dropdown list and then paste in your stream key into OBS.

4. Setting up your stream information

Once you’ve set up in OBS, we’re gonna go back to our YouTube Live Dashboard. On here, we’ll enter the Live Stream Information such as Your Title, Description, Tags, and Thumbnail for the Live Stream, if you need any ideas for a gaming live stream title, check out our post here.

If you’re familiar with Twitch, be warned that YouTube works differently. YouTube treats every live stream you do like a video. You will need to fill out all this information before you go live each and every time.

5. YouTube Live – Stream Settings

On your YouTube Live dashboard, you have stream settings such as “Enable DVR”. Enable DVR will allow your stream viewers to rewind to the start of your stream even if you are halfway through your stream for up to 12 Hours.

Disabling the DVR Function will guarantee all your viewers are at the same point in the stream.

By Default, after you finish a stream YouTube lists the live stream on Your channel for later viewing by others and subscribers. However, if you don’t want it listed on your channel you can disable this by clicking on the ” Make archive unlisted when complete”

There are also latency options here. If you have problems with stream snipers you can add an optional delay of a 30-60seconds.

Declaring Sponsored Streams On YouTube

If you’re getting sponsored by a company or advertise during your stream you can set the declaration that the stream is sponsored to comply with advertising laws in the country. You can do this by clicking the “Advanced Settings” link

6. Start Streaming!

Once you’ve completed all the settings on YouTube, hit that Start streaming button on OBS and you’ll see your stream appear on the YouTube Live dashboard.

From the dashboard, you’ll see comments and can interact with your audience. We would recommend a second monitor to use for your streaming setup, You can check our post here on the best monitor setup for live streaming.

If you need more video ideas about creating gaming videos on YouTube check out our Gaming Ideas Post!