How To Get Free Products To Review On YouTube

Starting an unboxing or review channel on YouTube is a great way to attract new audiences, especially when you’re a tech, beauty, or a variety of other types of YouTuber. Reviewers are one of the top paid YouTubers, according to Forbes, with a Toy reviewer bringing in over $25 million last year alone, and guess what, he’s a 6-year-old.

Reviewers typically need many new products to review, or else you have no content for your channel. You should always start off reviewing what you do have or what you purchase, but you may be looking to get free products.

1. Use What You Have

If you’re starting in the review world, don’t expect to get free products from any company instantly, you need to have some value for this company to get some free products for youtube. Your value as a reviewer comes in the form of Subscribers, Views, and Engagement! Without these, it can be challenging to get free products to review on your YouTube Channel.

Luckily we have some guides to help you Increase your YouTube Subscribers, Get More YouTube Views, and Skyrocket your engagement with your audience, using tried and true methods.

This should go without saying, but you should always use what you have first when reviewing products. Why? Many Reasons.

  • You have probably spent a lot of time using this product. As a product reviewer, this is an essential aspect of the job. To use the product for a long enough time, you get the sense and feel of the product over everyday use. As a consumer, you know what is good with this product, what you liked, and what you don’t like about it.

When starting out reviewing products, you may need to find your style. Creating a video style isn’t something you pick up instantly in most cases; it comes with time and experience. 

Using products you already have allows you to develop your review skills and find what structure and flow work for you while creating your videos. If you are looking at how to create a YouTube Review video, check out our article here. 

It will also allow you to build a portfolio of product reviews on your channel and develop your style. Building a portfolio of videos is an integral part of being a product reviewer. As you review more products, as we will find out later, you have more chance of building your audience, views, and engagement, which are all vital for advertisers and brands who may want to sponsor you in the future and give you free stuff.

Product Tester

Product Tester is an excellent way to get free products. As a product tester, you are sent products to review frequently to put through its paces to evaluate and give a review to the company that has sent you the item. 

As a product tester, you may have to fill out surveys on the products, provide in-depth reviews for the company, and use it for a set number of hours. As a YouTuber, this is great as you can use these products you are testing to create videos around the products that people will search for and bring you a YouTube Audience.

How To Find Jobs as a Product Tester:

You can find product tester jobs by applying to companies to test their products. There are also specific websites where you can sign up with your email address, and they will send you notifications for companies looking for product testers.

You can also do something called outreach. Outreach is a form of email marketing, where you reach out to several companies until a few come back with responses.

Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is someone who represents a brand and promotes their products. In the past few years, we have seen a lot of YouTubers and influencers on other platforms become ambassadors for companies they like to use and promote. 

Becoming a brand ambassador requires good relationship building with a brand. We will show you how to build a relationship with a brand to secure a brand ambassador deal.

As a brand ambassador, you are sent merchandise or products to promote to your audience; usually, you are bound by a contract during this time. They will send you free items or a form of payment, so you promote them. This is a great way to get free products to review on YouTube.

Sponsored Videos

Sponsored videos are a great way to get free products to review for your youtube channel. Sponsored videos are where a company has seen your videos, reaches out to you, and asks you to do a video with their products in return for money. 

You get content for your channel, plus you also get paid to do it. This is a form of advertisement, and these videos must be disclosed to the audience. For more on Sponsored video guidelines, check out our article on it here.

As a reviewer, you should always be unbiased even when getting paid for sponsored videos, do not promote something you would not use or purchase yourself. This cannot be easy when you’re getting paid to make a video. It would help if you didn’t take too many sponsored opportunities. It can look like a sellout in some cases. Many viewers have a negative view of sponsored content when it is constant, especially with specific brands. A lot of YouTubers are making the same content.

Try to find sponsored deals that 

  1. You would use yourself
  2. You would be happy if your family members would also use these products
  3. That has not saturated YouTube. For example; Lumin.

Affiliate Links

While creating product reviews, you can promote products that you review and use affiliate links. There are many affiliate programs, the most popular being Amazon Affiliates. This will allow you to generate revenue from these reviews and buy new products, so in theory, it’s allowing you to get “Free” products as it’s giving you the income to re-invest into them.

Returning Products

A practice that may be frowned upon but sometimes used when YouTubers start is purchasing products and returning products. For example, Apple has a 14 day no questions asked return policy when you order with them. The same for Amazon, If you buy these products, review them, and once they are reviewed, you can send them back for a full refund as long as you haven’t damaged the products. 

This practice can be okay when done infrequently. You may get banned from Amazon or purchase from apple for doing this too much. So take it with a word of warning. 

How do I get paid to review products on YouTube?

Getting paid to review products would fall under sponsored content, which you can read about above. Sponsored content requires a company to pay you to do a review. Depending on your audience size, you can charge anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a smaller audience in the 10’s of thousands or with hundreds of thousands to million subscribers. You can charge thousands of dollars for a video review of their products on your YouTube Channel.

How do tech YouTubers get free stuff?

Tech YouTubers such as MKBHD get free stuff by companies sending them products to review. This helps the company get exposure of their products to the YouTubers audience, which is the most significant factor and reviews of the product from a trusted authority figure in the YouTube Tech World.

Authority is one of the most important aspects of getting free products; you have to build this over time and gain experience in the product review space. With more significant interaction, larger audiences will have companies coming to you with products to review. This is how larger YouTubers with big audiences get so much free tech products to review.

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