H3H3 Productions Net Worth

Ethan Klein is the founder of commentary YouTube channel “h3h3Productions”. Ethan was born in June 1985 in San Diego, California. Ethan deals with a case of mild Tourette’s, which causes him to have facial muscle and hand movements he cannot control. In his early years of creating content, Ethan cracks jokes about his condition, and it quickly became a defining factor of his beloved character.

It was not until Ethan had met Hila that they began making videos. Hila was an art student, and their videos started as projects for her university. Ethan and Hila have since married and had a baby boy, Theodore.

Ethan’s many quirks, such as his loud and aggressive coughing and his belly fat, known as “Fupa,” have become a defining factor of not only his character but for his YouTube channel. 

What is H3H3’s Net Worth?

We estimate Ethan and Hila Klien’s Net Worth is approximately $5 Million. This net worth is comprised of their income from YouTube Advertising revenue and other ventures such as Merchandise and Sponsorships.

How Much Do H3H3 Productions Make on YouTube

According to Socialblade, it is estimated H3H3 productions make up to $850,000 per year from their YouTube Videos. This is based on the number of views and average CPM of YouTubers of this size.


H3H3 have their own merchandise line available at h3h3merch.com. Hila currently owns her own merchandise line at teddyfresh.com. TeddyFresh was launched in 2017. The merchandise on both sites is regularly updated and is in demand from fans.

We do not know how much Ethan and Hila Make from their merchandise lines, but it is estimated to be in the 6 figure range.

The Commentary King and Queen’s Rise to YouTube Fame

 According to many of the most famous YouTubers, h3h3Productions were the beginning of the now popular video genre of YouTube Commentary. Commentary channels often discuss general news, but most importantly, drama and excitement within the YouTube community. 

The h3h3Productions channel was created on April 29, 2011. Ethan and Hila quickly started creating reaction videos, reacting to prank videos, or shocking YouTube content from other creators. One of the most popular from this time was The Surprise Kiss, which now has 3.8 million views. 

After seeing a lot of channel growth and success around the time of making the reaction videos, the format of finding outrageous content from other creators and joking about them became the standard for h3h3Productions. 

h3h3Productions is known to make jokes about prank YouTube channels and call them out for staging their videos. A video that became widely popular due to catchphrases and interesting commentary was How to Traumatize Your Children PRANK, making fun of two brothers that often get exposed for faking their pranks and videos.

The real success for h3h3Productions came after they created the Vape Nation video that was a wildly dramatic portrayal of vape bros. This video is filled with scenes that became extremely popular memes that were well recognized by anyone in the YouTube community.

There was a long stretch of drama within the h3h3Productions community when Ethan and Hila were sued by another YouTuber for copyright infringement. After dealing with a lengthy court case, it was found that Ethan and Hila were innocent, and it created many benefits for Fair Use on YouTube, influencing every creator on the platform.

Today, h3h3Productions has 6.6 million subscribers and many millions of views on their videos. They have achieved success and fame through YouTube; however, they have stopped creating videos on this channel because Ethan said he felt “burnt out” from making chaotic videos. 

After h3

Just because h3h3Productions is done making videos, it doesn’t mean that Ethan and Hila are done. 

They have moved on to creating a weekly podcast: The H3Podcast, where they host many celebrities from YouTube, such as JonTron and Shane Dawson. Other times they host entertainers from other platforms such as Post Malone and Ninja. 

Ethan and Hila often talk about drama and news within YouTube, but their style and character on the podcast are not as dramatic as it is on h3h3Productions. Along with these newsworthy discussions, they interview their guests and have them react to some popular YouTube videos.

Hila is now CEO of her own clothing company called Teddy Fresh. They sell streetwear and loungewear style clothing that is known for its bright pastel colors.

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