Google Releasing YouTube Kids App

YouTube Kids App

YouTube (Google) is launching a new app for kids called YouTube Kids that will be released initially on android platform that will only display child appropriate content on February 23rd. YouTube for kids will display videos ranging from Minecraft to popular cartoons such as YoGabbaGabba, educational content from Khan Academy and of course you can expect hilarious cat videos on there too. YouTube has teamed up with production studios Jim Henson TV, Dreamworks TV and others to provide quality age appropriate videos for kids to enjoy.

YouTubeKids Interface

The app contains a clean and simple user interface with large icons so it is easier for children to navigate and find what they want to watch. The app has four main categories which kids can choose from including Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. “The images are big as are the tap targets for small fingers, and since most younger children can’t type they can search with voice,”

The app features parental controls such as viewing timers, restricting the amount of time they can spend on YouTube. Once this time limit has been is reached the parent will have to enter in their password to continue watching videos. To also ensure a safe environment for children, safe search has been enabled on the app so if a child enters in something along the lines of ‘Sex’ it will ask the user to search something else. The app also removes the comments section of videos so there is no possibility of seeing nasty comments from the usual YouTube ‘Haters’ and trolls.

What we are waiting to see is will Children have access to their most loved YouTubers such as PewDiePie and will there be child specific advertisements before videos? Let us know what you think below!

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