Get a custom YouTube URL

Everyone wants a coveted YouTube URL with a custom address such as!. All the top YouTubers have a custom URL so why shouldn’t you? A custom URL will help your branding, directing people to your youtube channel and Search Engine Optimisation for your channel name. For example,  Pewdiepie’s custom URL is “PewDiePie”

Before you go off and try and create your custom URL there are requirements that your account will have to go through.
– Account must be a month old (30 Days)
– Must have Channel Art & Channel Icon
– Must have 100+ Subscribers

Once you have all of these factors for your YouTube Channel you are eligible for a custom URL.
YouTube URL’s cannot be changed once you have confirmed them, so think carefully about the brand of your YouTube Channel, what direction you want to go in the future and if you, yourself are happy with the name. Similar to a tattoo, once its there it cant be changed easily.

How to get a Custom YouTube URL
1. Sign into your YouTube Account
2. Click on Settings and click Advanced
3. Look under “Channel Settings” and select the link beside “Your channel is eligible for a URL”


4.Custom URLS will be suggested for your channel, you can change these or modify them.Custom URL



5. Once you have selected your chosen URL, read and click the TOS agreement and change URL.
Congrats! You now have a custom YouTube URL!

If you’ve changed your YouTube URL, tell us in the comments on what you changed it to and if you were able to get the URL you wanted!


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