YouTuber Garrett Watts Blasts into Top 10 on Hip Hop Charts with Now I’m A Baby

YouTuber Garrett watts has pulled off the incredible, rocketing past big-name artists like Post Malone and Future on iTunes Top 10 in Hip Hop. The hit song “Now I’m a Baby” now sits at number 5 on the chart and to be honest its absolute fire.

If you haven’t heard of Garrett Watts, he makes come of the funniest and creative content on the internet. He got his rise to fame from Vine (RIP Vine) and started creating longer-form videos on YouTube.

He has featured in many of Shane Dawson’s as well as Jeffree Stars videos in the past and currently has a 3.22Million subscribers on YouTube.

This all started as a challenge to make a hit song in 24 hours. The process was documented by Andrew Siwicki (who also documents Shane Dawson’s Series).

The song features vocals from Garrett, Andrew and Caleb Hurst with Bruce Weigner producing the song.

The process starts in Garretts place where there are many hilarious but lowkey creepy mini toy babies covering the apartment, and the guys pulled inspiration from this, making a throwback to when they were all babies. I mean relatable right?

The guys hit the studio with their 5 Hour Energy in hand and were ready to write and record the song.

Their talented friend, producer, and musician, Bruce Weigner produced an epic track, while the guys produced the lyrics to the song and recorded the vocals.

This was no small feat, the guys collective creativity created one of 2020’s catchiest bangers all under 24 hours. If you haven’t heard it yet, watch the video above or check it out on Spotify or iTunes, you won’t regret it.

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