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Faze Rug otherwise known as Brian Adwadis is a Gaming and Lifestyle YouTube vlogger who is well known for his crazy pranks and hilariously entertaining videos. Today we’re going to look at Faze Rug’s net worth and delve into his rise to fame.

NameBrian Awadis
Date of BirthNovember 19, 1996
FromSan Diego, California, United States
Known ForYouTube, Clout Gang, FaZe
Net Worth$10 Million

How Much is Faze Rug Worth?

Faze Rug has a Net Worth of over $10 Million USD. Brian has made most of his money from YouTube, Merchandise Sales, Cuts from Clout Gang and Faze as a director and Promotions of various social media platforms. He also has assets such as his collection of cars and house, camera and equipment which add to his overall net worth.

Early Life

Brian was born in San Diego, California on November 19, 1996 to Mama Rug and Papa Rug who originate from Iraq. He is the youngest of two siblings, and has an older brother called Brandon.

Faze Rug has spoken openly about his depression when he was younger, this was due to his dog who ran away and he became deeply depressed, staying in bed and grades slipping at school until he went to a therapist and improved.

In high school, he became interested in basketball but was rejected from joining the basketball team because of his height. He didn’t take the rejection well as he was so passionate about it but Brian took that pain and put it into video games which then became an addiction and again his grades started to fall.

His parents, Mama and Papa rug always wanted the best for brian and made a deal with him. If he attended school, did his homework and maintained his grades he could play video games to his heart’s content. He graduated high school succesfully with a C average.

YouTube Career

Faze Rug opened his YouTube Channel in 2011 when he was in High School. When he started YouTube he made exclusively gaming content due to his gaming addiction he was an amazing player and excelled in games like Call of Duty and uploaded Trick Shots and Gameplay to his YouTube Channel.

Faze Rug jumped from Clan to Clan as his ultimate goal was to join Faze Clan. He made it his mission to work hard on his YouTube Channel and gaming skill in order to make it to the top and be noticed. By the End of 2012, Brian completed his goal and joined Faze Clan.

During this time Brian had attended community college but after 3 months, Brian saw the potential of YouTube and Gaming and decided to pursue it full time. Brian kept uploading gaming videos and was slowly but surely building viewership and views

Brian was also a natural prankster and started to upload prank videos. His prank videos are what made his channel popular. His Cocaine Prank video featuring mama rug went viral and generated millions of views, to date has garnered 17 Million Views!

In 2015, Brian hit his first Million subscribers. This took two years of hard work but was worth the reward.

Brian found his niche, in the extreme. He has made some hilarious prank videos and challenge videos including filling his pool with large snakes, playing fortnite on a cinema screen and winning and most importantly giving back by changing a homeless mans life for the better.

Brian currently has 13 Million Subscribers to date.

How Much does Faze Rug Make on YouTube

Faze Rug is part of the YouTube Partnership Programme. This programme pays out an average of $3-$7 Per 1000 monetised advertisement views on a video.

According to Socialblade, Faze Rugs YouTube Channel averages about 73 Million Views per month. This many monetised views is worth approximately $290,000 per month.

Yearly, Faze Rug makes an estimated $3.5 Million from YouTube based on his monthly average of $290,000 per month. This revenue is before taxes.

Faze Rug Other Forms of Income

Faze Rug also has his own line of merchandise which he promotes through his YouTube Videos which is an added stream of income. He also has various sponsors and collaborators such as GFeul who have released a Faze Rug Inspired Drink and sponsors such Fuel Energy Formula.

Faze Rug Cars

Faze Rug has had a Range Rover, Lamborghini Hurrican and Lamborghini Urus. His parents Mama and Papa rug have pranked him by scratching his Lambo and spray painting profane words onto his cars.

Faze Rug House

Faze Rug owns a house in Poway, CA that is worth $2.5Million Dollars.