Faze Rug Camera Setup & Equipment 2019

 Name: Brian Awadis

 Age: 22

 Birthplace: United States

 YouTube Channel: FazeRug

 Fans Called: Rugrats

Brian Awadis, famously known as FaZe Rug is a 22  year old YouTube vlogger who currently has over 11 million subscribers. He is a member and the director of the FaZe clan and he is also the most subscribed FaZe member.

Picture of Faze Rug

What Camera does faze rug use?

Sony Alpha A6500 - Main Vlogging Camera

Brian has started using the Sony Alpha A6500 last year.

He uses this mainly in his vlogging videos and it seems to have replaced his Powershot G7X Mark II in November of 2018 probably due to its AutoFocus abilities and Quality improvements.

Lilly also uses the Canon EOS 80D which she uses throughout her main channel and her vlogging channel.

This camera is perfect for both as it produces high quality video and has a fully articulating flip screen.

Canon G7X Mark II - Vlogging Camera

The Canon G7X Mark II used to be used a lot in videos throughout 201​8 most recently using it at TwitchCon with a Manfrotto Tripod.

We would recommend this camera for YouTubers who are looking to get a start into vlogging on YouTube.

What Lens Does Faze Rug Use?

Faze Rug uses the Canon EF-S 18-135MM lens with his Canon 80D and is part of his camera and vlogging setup.

This Lens is being used with the Sony A6500 as its a super wide angle lens which is ideal for vlogging when you don't have much room in front of you, which is evident in Brian's videos. You can also see it in the video below with the A6500

What Tripod does faze rug use?

The Manfrotto MTPIXI Mini Tripod is a small compact portable tripod that Brian has used primarily with his vlogging cameras notably the Canon G7X Mark II at Twitchcon and the Sony A6500 in another video.

Brian used the Joby Gorilla Pod with his Canon 80D while filming his vlogs back in 2017 & 2018

What Microphone does faze rug use?

Brian uses this mic with his Canon 80D and his A6500 when shooting Vlogs and videos for better sound quality than the internal sound.

What Computer does faze rug use?

In Faze Rug's newest Gaming Setup Video, we can see an Intel iBuyPower PC. He uses this as his main gaming PC to stream video, presumably edit and play some Fortnite among other games.

In a video from 2017, we see Brian with a Macbook Pro 15 Inch. Mac users are loyal and continue using the Macs for long periods of time so we presume Brian still has his Macbook as his main laptop!

What Monitor does Faze Rug Use?

LG Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Faze Rug uses a curved LG Display with a 144HZ Refresh rate which is ideal for gaming. He uses this with his iBuyPower PC for the ultimate gaming and editing experience.

What Video Editor does faze rug use?

Vegas Pro Creative Editing Software

Faze Rug uses Vegas Pro Creative to edit

About Faze Rug

FaZe Rug started his YouTube journey by uploading gaming videos because he was quite frankly, addicted to video games to the point where it even interfered with his studies. He started uploading Call of Duty gameplay videos after he graduated from high school and attended 3 months of community college before deciding to dropout to become a full - time YouTuber.

He started building an audience just by uploading Call of Duty videos but his channel exploded when he started to post prank and vlog type videos. He usually involves his family in his prank videos, filming them and getting their raw reactions.

His channel really started growing a lot because of these prank and vlog videos which were due to them being very creative, very realistic and well made. 

He has since grown to 10 Million subscribers to date and has been awarded the Diamond YouTube Play Button.

Where did we get this information?

All of the above cameras, gaming equipment have been shown throughout Brians vlog's and videos. Here are some of the ones where you can see a lot of the equipment listed above!

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