Faze Banks Net Worth

Faze Banks is a well known YouTuber, Co-Owner of Faze Clan and Owner of Clout Gang. Banks has accumulated an impressive net worth since he has joined YouTube, become co-owner of Faze Gaming, as well as creating Social Media Incubator Clout Gang with YouTubers, Alissa Violet, Rice Gum, Faze Nikan and Other YouTubers.

NameRichard Bengtson
Date Of Birth18 October 1991
BornLawrence, Massachusetts
Known ForYouTube, Clout Gang, Faze Gaming
Net Worth$12 Million

Net Worth

Faze Banks net worth as of 2020 is estimated to be $12 Million. This net worth is calculated from estimated business revenues and Co-Ownership from FaZe Clan, Clout Gang and revenue from YouTube.

Early Life

Richard Bengtson was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He was raised there until he was 7 years old, his family then moved to the town of Lowell, MA. When Banks was a kid he was known for being a troublemaker and prankster with his friends. Banks attended Lowell High School and successfully graduated in 2010.

It was during this time in High school, when Banks got into online gaming, playing Halo 3 on Xbox Live which he developed skills in gaming, hilarious trash-talking in lobbies and more.

YouTube Career

Banks started YouTube in 2011 with a YouTube Channel named BanksMakesBank. Banks started YouTube by posting skillful trick shots and killcams from games like Call of Duty.

Soar Sniping
Banks started out by joining SoAr Clan, he quickly rose up the ranks of Soar Sniping and became one of the co-owners of SoAr Sniping. He helped grow and manage the sniping clan, recruiting new members and producing content that received a lot of views on YouTube.

Faze Clan

In 2013, Banks joined Faze Clan. When Banks joined Faze Clan he was mainly playing Black Ops 2, 3 and CS:GO. He became good friends with Faze Apex and Faze Temper and they recognized his good leadership and management skills that he built SoAr Clan with then becoming co-owner of Faze Clan.

Currently, Banks describes himself as the spiritual CEO of the organization rather than an active member of the management team.

Clout Gang

Clout Gang was co-founded by Banks and RiceGum in response to Jake Pauls Team 10. Clout gang is a social media incubator, that works with social media stars to get them brand deals, new opportunities and help them grow their followings.

How Much Does Faze Banks Make On YouTube?

Faze Banks is part of the YouTuber Partnership Programme, this enables him to monetize views on his channel for a rate of $3-$10 per 1000 views but this varies depending on viewer demographics and other factors. If you’re interested, check out our YouTube CPM article to find out more.

According to Socialblade, Faze Banks receives an estimated 2.5 Million views per month which is earns him approximately $9,000 per month.

Yearly, it is estimated Banks earns $108,000 from his YouTube Channel views.

Faze Banks House

Faze Banks lives in the Clout House which is a multi-million dollar mansion situated in the Hollywood Hills in LA. He lives with other YouTubers and social media stars such as Rice Gum, TeaWap, Uglygod, FazeKay.

Faze Banks Cars

Faze Banks was gifted a $500,000 worth Lamborghini from RiceGum

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