Faze Apex Net Worth

Faze Apex Net Worth

Faze Apex known as the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Faze Clan, as well as his YouTube Channel, Faze Apex (Bananafone34).

NameYosef Abdelfattah
Date of Birth20th of June, 1996
Known forFaze Clan, YouTube
Net Worth$3 Million

What is Faze Apex Net Worth?

Faze Apex net worth is estimated to be $3 Million USD. This is based on his yearly income from YouTube, revenue from Faze Clan’s Operations, Merchandise as well as his assets such as house and car.

Personal Life

Faze Apex was born in California, USA on the 20th of June, 1996. Apex has one older brother. There is not a lot known about Faze Apex’s early life. He keeps his personal life private and we respect that. When he was younger and attending elementary school, Faze Apex fell in love with video games.

Faze did not go to university after graduating from Lowell High School in 2010. He decided to pursue his YouTube Career which ended up working out for the best. His mother, who we often hear in some videos, did not necessarily agree with him on a YouTube Career, as back then it was such a new industry and wasn’t really viewed as a viable career path.

However, after seeing how successful Faze Apex was becoming she was wholeheartedly supportive of his dreams.

Faze is also an amazing uncle to his brothers children, his nephews who are referred to as Faze Baby and Faze Baby 2.0. He often features them in videos!

YouTube Career

Faze Apex started YouTube back in 2008, apex started out my creating Call of Duty videos playing Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops. He created Trickshot montages and gameplay videos which got thousands of views.

Faze Apex gained million of subscribers making gaming content, and has diversified with reaction videos, prank, and comedy videos and gaming videos. Which has attracted a lot of new subscribers to his channel.
His most viewed video is “Faze Baby’s first trickshot” where he teaches Faze Baby how to trickshot in CoD Recieving over 11 Million views to date

Faze Apex currently has 5.5 Million subscribers to date.

Faze Clan

Faze Apex joined Faze Clan in 2014 when the founders, Thomas Oliviera, Faze Resistance and Faze Housecat noticed his content on YouTube and recruited him to the Faze Clan. Upon joining Faze Clan, he was invited to live in the First Faze House in November 2014 with other Faze Members, Faze Resistance and Faze Housecat.

How Much Does Faze Apex Make On YouTube?

Faze Apex is part of the YouTube Partnership Programme which allows him to monetize YouTube views at a rate of $3-$10 per 1000 views. This is known as CPM and it is defined on a number of factors such as content genre, viewer demographic etc to find out more check out our YouTube CPM article.

According to Socialblade, Faze Apex makes an approximate $50k a month from his YouTube Channel based on 15 Million Views. This equates to an estimated $600,000 a year from his channel.

Faze Apex also makes money from the sale of Faze merchandise from his YouTube channel which ads to his income.

Other Forms of Income

Faze Apex is presumed to make a considerable amount of income as the owner of Faze Clan. This comes from the clan’s winnings at E-Sports competitions and aquisition of sponsorships. They compete in a range of competitions in games like Fortnite, CS:GO, Call of Duty and more.

Faze Apex also uses his Instagramas a source of income, although he rarely promotes other brands through collaborations but has so in the past with Alcatel and GFeul.

What is Faze Apex Net Worth?

Faze Apex’s net worth is approximately $3 Million, this is due to his yearly revenue from YouTube over the past few years, income from merchandise and his role as Co-Owner of Faze Clan, his assets such as his car and home.

Faze Apex Car

Faze Apex is known to have purchased a BMW M3 in 2017 worth an estimated $80,000. Not much is known if he is still driving this car or has a new car

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