Emma Chamberlain Net Worth

Emma Chamberlain is one of the fastest growing YouTubers of 2019, and we expect 2020 to be no different. It has been a great year for Emma, growing her YouTube Audience to over 8.5 Million Subscribers to date, featuring on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine and even releasing her own brand of Coffee.

NameEmma Francis Chamberlain
Net Worth$4 Million
Date of Birth21st May 2001
FromBay Area, San Francisco, CA
Lives in Los Angeles, California
Known ForYouTube, Instagram Influencer
YouTube ChannelEmma Chamberlain

What is Emma Chamberlains Net Worth in 2020?

Emma Chamberlain’s net worth is approximately $4 Million Dollars. This comes from her YouTube Earning, Brand Partnerships, Merchandising,

Early Life

Emma Francis Chamberlain was born on 21st May 2001 in the Bay Area, San Francisco, California. Emma is an only child and grew around her two parents Michael and Sophie who divorced when Emma was 5 years old.

In middle school, Emma took an interest in competitive cheerleading. As a member of the California All-Stars Pink Cheer Team for a year, then moving onto also doing track.

Emma went to high school in Notre Dame, Bellmont. Emma wasn’t a fan of school due to the environment, to the point where Emma skipped school and didn’t attend the final day of school due to the impact it had on her health.

YouTube Career

Emma started her YouTube Channel when she was in the fourth grade and made videos that are no longer available.

Emmas first video was posted in May of 2017. Back then, Emmas channel was fashion focused posting look books and fashion tutorials.

Emmas videos grew steadily with a few thousand views per video at the start. Luckily, one of her first videos “We all owe the dollar store an apology” went viral, this video showcased Emma’s personality which viewers loved.

It was picked up by the YouTube Algorithm and Emma started to reach more and more viewers, who then became fans of Emma’s content. After the success of the video, emma continued to make videos that were her.

Within a year, Emma reached her first Million Subscribers and by the send of the year had reached 6 Million Subscribers. This is astounding Rocket fuelled growth, which allowed Emma to buy a house and move to LA.

How Does Emma Chamberlain Make Money?

YouTube Earnings

According to Socialblade, Emma makes $6,000 per day on average. This equates to $180,000 per month. Making approximately $2 Million per year from YouTube Views alone.


Emma also sells merchandise on her store, which ranges from scrunchies, tops, jumpers, and more.

We estimate Emma makes upwards of $100,000 a month from merch sales, bringing over a million per year.

Coffee Brand – Chamberlain Coffee

At the end of 2019, Emma launched Chamberlain coffee to her fans. The instant coffee is more upscale with a modern more sustainable twist. It comes with a hefty price tag of $60 per 30 Bags of Coffee.

Brand Collaborations

Emma is signed to United Talent Agency, who helped Emma to grow her brand outside of YouTube in positions such as Hollister Adverts, Curology Skincare and helped her establish her clothing brand, featuring her signature scrunchies which Emma is known for.

Emma also has an Instagram account that reps 8.6 Million Followers. Emma does brand collaborations with big-name brands such as Calvin Klein in deals worth over 6 figures.

She has been featured on Cosmopolitan Magazine, as well as featured in advertisements for Hollister as well as Louis Vuitton which would pay a pretty penny for her influence.

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