Dude Perfect Net Worth

DudePerfect are YouTube Veterans and are one of the top sporting channels on YouTube known for their down right incredible trick shots. They have grown exponentially over the past 10 years on YouTube.

In this YouTube Net Worth, we will have a look at how they have grown, how much they make and how they make it estimate how much their current net worth is.

Channel NameDude Perfect
MembersTyler Toney, Garret Hilbert, Twins Coby and Cory Cotton
Ages30 – 32 years old
FromTexas, USA
Known ForYouTube, Sporting Records, Podcast
Net Worth$40 Million

What is Dude Perfects Net Worth

DudePerfects Net Worth is estimated to be approximately $40 Million. Their net worth comes from YouTube Advertising Revenue, TV shows, Brand Partnerships with big brands as well as DudePerfect Merchandise Sales.

How Much Do DudePerfect Make on YouTube?

According to Socialblade, DudePerfect make approximately 13 Million per year through YouTube. DudePerfect recieve approximately 265 Million views per month which translates as approximately $1 Million per month through YouTube Ad Revenue.

How Do Dude Perfect Make Money on YouTube?

YouTube Partnership Program

DudePerfect are part of the YouTube Partnership program that allows them to make advertising revenue from their videos posted on their channel. The average CPM for a YouTube Channel is from $4-$10 per 1000 views depending on a variety of factors which can be seen in our YouTube CPM Article.


DudePerfect sell branded merchandise from their online store for fans who want to support and represent the brand. It is estimated DudePerfect make 5-6 Figures monthly from sales of their merchandise.

Brand Sponsorships

DudePerfect has had many successful brand partnerships with brands such as Pringles, NERF, Marvel, Bass Pro Shops, Seahawks and many more. Having a family-friendly channel and presentable brand is one of DudePerfects strong points.

It is estimated that each contract is worth hundreds of thousands to millions for the DudePerfect team due to their reach of over 50 Million subscribers with a lucrative target demographic for potential advertisers,

Case studies can be found on the DudePerfect Website

Early Life

If there are three words that can be used to describe the early days to the Dude Perfect crew, they are Texas, sport and Christianity. Back before becoming Youtube giants , the five Texan’s life seemed to revolve around basketball and religion.

Garret and Tyler met in High school, twins Coby and Cory, well they’ve know each other from the start! It was while attending Texas A and M University that the twins met Garret and Tyler at Bible studies .

Becoming firm friends, the four decided to move in together, but they needed one other roommate for their house. At a basketball game they met Cody Jones, who liked the idea of leading a more Christian life, and so moved in with his new friends.

Little did they know at the time where this friendship would take them.

YouTube Career

In their second year of University and with a little too much time on their hands, the naturally competitive guys started making bets with one another about who can make the most outrageous trick shots. Out of self-amusement and just for the fun of it, they started recording these trick shots and uploaded their first video on April 8th, 2009.

This was the very early days of Youtube, before the site was generating millions for its creators, it was simply a place to share something cool. From the start they amazingly went viral, 100,000 views in a week and then into the millions.

This led to a call from Good Morning America to see if the trick shots were fake! The views and subscribers started rolling in and Dude Perfect was born, they started to upload videos about once a month.

Five months on from the first video the crew had another viral hit: Trick Shot Basketball | Dude Perfect | Summer Camp . Again, they had many doubters claiming that they were using camera trickery to fool viewers, even a write by the Telegraph Newspaper in England claiming they were faking it.

With the channel going from strength to strength, by 2011 the crew had quit their jobs to focus solely on Youtube. They appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and started receiving awards for breaking world records from Guinness.

As the channel became well known they attracted professional athletes such as Serena Williams as well as Manchester City Football Club to collaborate with.

They currently have 49.8 million subscribers and a staggering 9.8 billion views! This biggest video on the channel has 285 millions views alone.

The majority of the work they do themselves, from social media management to marketing and editing . As most of their audience is under 25 they don’t take on sponsors such as alcohol brands which may influence their young audience, good guys all round.

The success of Dude Perfect led to them making a TV show , but these ordinary guys still upload to Youtube regularly. The content hasn’t changed much in 10 years, friends having fun making unbelievable shots!

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