Dr Pimple Popper & The Popaholics

Welcome to the first “The Other Side”. Each week we will explore different and “Other”  sides of YouTube, that really make you go, “How did I get to this side of YouTube again?”  to see who is behind it and why people love to watch it.

This week we’re popping into the Pimple popping community on YouTube, the “slimy yet satisfying” clips of cyst extractions, blackhead removal and all kinds of videos that make you go, “Oh God, I’m on this side of YouTube again”. On average, these videos get about 2 to 3 million views monthly and many medical channels on YouTube earn revenue by educating people about these kinds of growths and infections.

For the pimple popping community, YouTubers like Josefa Reina and Dr. Vikram Yadav show revolting yet gratifying videos of their work. While there are other avenues for this particular pleasure, one dermatologist has made a career out of her popping skills and, you guessed it, it’s Dr. Pimple Popper.

Who Is Dr. Pimple Popper?

Name: Dr. Sandra Lee
Profession: Dermatologist
YouTube: DrSandraLee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)
Instagram: @DrSandraLee
Subscribers: 4,500,000

Coming from a background of poverty and struggle, Dr. Sandra Lee chose her field of work because of her father, who was a retired dermatologist back in New York after he immigrating there with his wife from Singapore, according to Wealthsimple. After earning her degree, meeting and marrying her husband, she and her husband decided to take over her father’s business in Los Angles. It wasn’t until Dr. Sandra began with Youtube channel back in 2010 where she would find her way to YouTube stardom. Although she’d post videos back then, she wasn’t known as Dr. Pimple Popper. She was just Dr. Sandra Lee, helping patients and doing her job.

Then the year 2014 came around. She created her first Instagram account and discovered that, well – people really like pimple popping. At the time, she didn’t understand it. Once she learned about this community through a subreddit, r/popping, she saw her potential and continued to post, declaring herself Dr. Pimple Popper. She exceeded beyond her expectations.

What are Popaholics?

Over time, a community of her own began to form. When someone talks about their fascination with pimple popping, they call themselves popaholics. Many popaholics, a group she personally coined one day, seek out these graphic and sometimes disgusting videos because of the “release” factor involved with popping. The removal of obstructions in the body, the soothing effect of disgust turning into cleanliness, and the result of helping people recover from these skin-deep afflictions, is what makes the community so popular to some.

Some sources say it comes from an evolved primal instinct to clean, remove, and pamper one another. Others say it involves sound, similar to ASMR videos, or the emotional release of disgust with a safe distance. Either way, the popaholic community loves their Dr. Pimple Popper, even when it gets really gross.

Many love Dr. Pimple Popper because of her ability to educate, show the procedures in detail, and care for her patients. Her community has generally a good vibe, care about her as a YouTuber, as long as she remains true to her values.

Pimple Popping Videos! –

YouTube Monetization Controversy

One question remains, however: Will YouTube continue to allow her videos to monetize? While it began back in 2017 over controversial advertising, YouTube’s introduction to monetization and demonetization has sparked many questions in the overall YouTube community.

Video creators in various niches were targeted by YouTube in an effort to reduce the promotion of “graphic” videos on YouTube by demonetization of such videos, thus reducing the incentive to upload.

In the case of Dr. Pimple Popper, her videos contain graphic content, at which one point YouTube attempted to demonetize a significant portion of her videos due to this violation back in June of 2018. Although this lasted for a short time, it took notice. Luckily, her YouTube videos came under review soon after and are considered appropriate as long as she explains the context of the video and keeps her videos educational.

Dr.Lee has reportedly helped many patients with cysts, blackheads etc. for free due to the Ad revenue model on YouTube as the customer provides her with content and she provides them with the treatment they need.

Bringing Pimple Popping Mainstream!

Despite the mishap with YouTube, Dr. Lee has been doing well.  Dr. Lee, began her own TV show, named precisely so, Dr. Pimple Popper, which is featured on TLC on Wednesday 9/10pm. This has brang pimple popping to mainstream audiences, not only helping them understand and treat their skin but also bringing the enjoyment/disgust (for some!) of pimple popping to the home! Dr. Lee has also recently written a book titled “Put Your Best Face Forward” which is available on Amazon.

Put Your Best Face Forward is aimed at educating and empowering people to understand what they need to do in terms of skincare and most importantly why they need to do it. Dr. Lees book contains step by step tutorials, Anti-Aging Advice, acne treatments, prevention, tips and caters for all age groups. You can check it out here.

Dr. Lee has embraced being a YouTuber and cultivating a large community of popaholics, it’s exciting to see a venture from YouTube to the home screens across the world.


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