Dolan Twins Net Worth

Dolan Twins, Ethan and Greyson Dolan have been a massive success on YouTube over the past few years with many adoring fans! Dolan Twins rose to internet fame early in their teens and now that they’re adults have gained a massive net worth thats growing year on year.

Lets take a look at what the dolan twins have been up to and how much and how they earn their income!

NameDolan Twins
Date of BirthDecember 16th, 1999
FromNew Jersey
Live inLos Angeles, California
Known ForYouTube, Vine
Net Worth$7 Million

What is the Dolan Twins Net worth?

We estimate the Dolan Twins have an estimated net worth of approximately $7 Million made through their YouTube Advertising Revenue as well as other ventures such as their lines of merchandise, Sponsorships their fragrances in Collaboration with WakeHeart.

How Much Do The Dolan Twins Make On YouTube?

According to Socialblade, It is estimated The Dolan Twins earn up to $80,000 per month. It is estimated the twins will earn over a $1 Million this year from YouTube. In the past the twins have earned well over $1.5 million per year on the platform as they were more active posting more frequently and receiving more views.

Sponsorships and Collaborations

The Dolan twins have worked with various different brands such as Louis Vuitton, and Curology as well as Audible. These collaborations would add significant income to the twins income streams.


The Dolan twins created their own merchandise which they sell on Their merchandise is popular among fans who go to their meet-ups as well as ones who want to represent in their merch.

It is estimated the twins have made over 6 figures selling their merchandise.


In 2020, the Dolan twins collaborated with perfumer wake heart to develop two signature fragrances, one fragrance for each twin. These retail for $50 each and can be found on the Wakeheart website here.


In the past, the twins have done worldwide tours to meet their adoring fans. It is not known how much the twins had made from this venture but it would be in the 6 figure range for the number of venues and number of fans. These tours are heavily subsidised by merchandise sales at each of the venues.

Early Life

Ethan and Grayson Dolan or better known as the “Dolan twins,” were born on December 16th, 1999, in New Jersey. They are identical twins who were born 20 minutes apart. Ethan is older.

They have an older sister named Cameron. The twins were always very active and outgoing, even from a young age.

Sports were a big hobby for the twins. They played lacrosse, football, and wrestling, thanks to their dad.

The twins have stated their interest in filming videos started from their love of TV, and they filmed a fictional show called “Bob and Rob” with help from their sister’s editing skills.

As young teens, Ethan and Grayson were taking sports very seriously, being captains of their wrestling teams and competing.

YouTube & Vine Career

One day their sister showed them an app called “Vine” that had videos that were only six seconds. The twins started making funny videos on the app and fell in love with video making.

After getting positive feedback on their content, they felt really fulfilled. Ethan and Grayson ended up having to make a decision between making videos and sports.

They got rejected from a prestigious sports middle school, but at this point, they had reached over a million followers on the vine, so they continued making videos.

In high school, they got bullied for their online following. Social media was their happy place. The twins begged their parents to quit public school and pursue online school to focus on videos.

They started creating weekly videos on YouTube called “Dolan Twins Tuesday.” Vine had closed its doors eventually, and the twins had to utilize their 6.4 million followers on YouTube’s platform.

After their channel hit off, they moved to Los Angeles at 15 years old to pursue bigger dreams.

At 16, they went on tour to meet their fans in person, traveling to over 42 cities all over the country.

During this time, their dad was diagnosed with cancer. In 2019 he passed away, and the twins made a very emotional video about their grief.

After the tour, they moved back to LA and created the Dolan Twins warehouse, where they filmed many videos with extreme stunts.

For a long time, their videos consisted of challenges and pranks. For example, living in nature overnight or babysitting.

Today they have over 10.7 million subscribers.

They also love to play pranks on each other and have gone to extreme lengths for prank videos like when Ethan pretended to ruin Grayson’s expensive car.

The twins’ funny and silly dynamic on-screen is what captured the hearts of their followers. Their looks have also turned them into heartthrobs in the eyes of many young teenage girls.

In October of 2019, the Dolan twins made a video saying they were going to change their YouTube style and pursue more serious topics on their channel.

They felt they were no longer those silly teens making funny videos and want to evolve professionally.

Other Ventures

Apart from creating personal videos, the twins have shown interest in other ventures. They directed and starred in a music video for an upcoming band called Cub Sport.

They have also released a set of two fragrances, one for each twin, with the company Wakeheart that they sell to their fans.

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