Couples 123 Tag

The Couples 123 Tag is a tag that you and your significant other do to find out how much the other knows about you by trying to guess your answer.

The rules are simple: You and your significant other count to 123 and answer the question at the same time. Each person gets a turn, when its your turn the other person has to guess what you’re going to say. You count to 3 and you both say at the same time!

There are 10 questions in the couple’s 123 tag and here they are below:
1. If your bf/gf could be married to a movie star who would it be?
2. If your bf/gf could be a celebrity who would it be?
3. You’ve gone to 711 to get milk and decide to buy your bf/gf a treat, what did you buy?
4. What percentage of house work would your bf/gf say that they do?
5. If your bf/gf could choose one thing for you to get rid of, what would it be?

6. What is your bf/gf most repeated sentence or phrase?
7. What is your bf/gf most used cuss word?
8. What is your bf/gf ultimate favorite movie?
9. A meteor just hit, you’ve saved everything important, what would your bf/gf go back to get?
10. The saying opposites attract is true because me and my bf/gf are opposite at _______?

Here are some YouTube Couples Trying out the tag:

Tell us in the comments below who is your favorite youtube couple and if you made a couple 123 tag video comment the link below!

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