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YouTube is great, some believe you have to start a YouTube Channel as if you already had a billion subscribers and the budget to go along with it! That isn't true, you can get started on YouTube without breaking the bank to get your own big break!

We have created a list of the Best Cheap Cameras For YouTube under $350 In a Price range of $350 , $250 and $150. Here are the Best Budget Cameras In those Price Ranges:

Recommended Budget Cameras

Best Camera Under $350

Lumix ZS60

The Lumix ZS60 Takes our pick as Best Camera under 0 such as 4K Recording, 1080p HD, Great low lighting which makes it ideal for vlogging and specs that make it future proof!

Best Camera Under $250

Canon ELPH  360

The Canon ELPH 360 Has everything you need for vlogging such as 1080p HD Video, Low Lighting and Electronic Image Stabilisation! 

Best Camera Under $150

Canon ELPH 190

The ELPH 190 is perfect for new vloggers looking to start vlogging! It features 720p Video, portability and a digic 4 processor!

Best cheap Cameras FOr YouTube

Lumix ZS60

  • Video Quality: 4K 30P
  • Image Quality: 18MP
  • Type: Point & Shoot
  • Image Stabilisation: Yes

The Lumix is one of the best cameras for a budget of $350. It includes tech specs such as that will last a long time so you get the most bang for your buck. 

Heres what you get in this compact fit in the pocket camera:

Video Quality: The Lumix ZS60 Shoots in 4K Video at 30FPS and 1080p HD at 60FPS. This is ideal for YouTubers who are looking for a camera that is future proofed and ready or switch over to the 4K standard in a few years.

Image Stabilisation: The 5 Axis Image Stabilisation and built in OIS works on 1080p HD Video and keeps the video footage stable to reduce blurring of the footage. 

Low Light Ability - The Panasonic can record fairly well in low light situations without much noise which is great for vlogging


  • 4K Video
  • 1080p HD Image Stabilisation
  • Great Low Lighting Ability
  • Connects to mobile via WiFi


  • No Image stabilisation at 4K


If you're looking for a camera that will last as we transition into the 4K Revolution of vlogging, then this camera is one to invest in! With the variety of features.

Sony RX100

  • Video Quality: 1080p 60fps
  • Image Quality: 20.2mp
  • Type: Point & Shoot
  • Image Stabilisation: Yes

The RX100 Line is one of Sony's best for vlogging, the RX100 is the first iteration of this camera. It has the ability to shoot in 1080p HD, has great autofocus and low light performance.

The RX100 has a 20.1MP CMOS sensor that films 1080P HD Video that captures smooth video for your vlogs. You even have a front control ring that you can customize for things like exposure in shots.

Image Stabilisation - The vlogs camera shoots steady video with its patented steady shot feature reducing the amount of shakiness in the camera so your videos for YouTube are smooth even if you do have a slightly shaky hand.

Low Light - The Vlogging Camera performs well in low lighting situations thanks to its Exmor CMOS sensor to reduce the amount of noise around the subject.

Build Quality - The Sony is compact, light and sleek, with the body of the camera built in aluminum you know its sturdy and going to last a long time. the buttons on the camera are well placed.


  • Great Video Quality
  • New Reduced Price
  • Very easy to use
  • Fantastic Photo and Video Quality


  • Battery isn't the best


The RX100 comes from Sony's successful line of RX cameras that have been used by many vloggers! This camera provides great autofocus, low light and 1080p HD video that your viewers will love at an affordable price point!

Nikon B500

  • Video Quality: 1080p HD 30FPS
  • Image Quality: 16MP
  • Type: Point & Shoot
  • Image Stabilisation: No

The Nikon B500 introduces a user friendly design, impressive build quality and great HD Video output for a photo focused camera. 

Video Quality - While this camera is primarily targeted for taking pictures, the video aspect of this vlog camera does not disappoint. The B500 is perfect for vloggers looking to film in 1080p at 30FPS.

Microphone - The microphone is built into the camera without the option to add an external microphone due to the lack of a microphone jack however the stereo microphone is decent enough to record videos in quiet areas. Best for indoor vlogging!

The Nikon also has the ability to connect to your other devices through NFC and WiFi, easily transfer over photos and videos to post to your social media or edit directly on your tablet or phone.


  • 1080p HD Video
  • Connect directly to mobile or tablet!
  • Great build quality
  • Very user friendly


  • Microphone isn't great for outdoor vlogging


This is a great starter Nikon for those who love to take photos but also want great video capabilities. The Nikon shoots in 1080p HD quality, is easy to use and handle with its impressive build quality. 

Sony DSCHX80/B

  • Video Quality: 1080p HD 
  • Image Quality
  • Type: Point and Shoot
  • Image Stabilisation: Yes

The Sony HSCHX80/B is one of the best budget friendly flip screen vlogging cameras out there. If you're looking for something with a flip screen thats compact to bring around with you, definitely check this one out!

The camera features high quality 1080p HD video shooting at 60FPS, coupled with its 5 Axis Image stabilisation this camera to keep your video steady it gives you beautifully clear and smooth HD footage that is bound to impress.

Video Quality - The camera features high quality 1080p HD video shooting at 60FPS, coupled with its 5 Axis Image stabilisation this camera to keep your video steady it gives you beautifully clear and smooth HD footage that is bound to impress.

P, A, S, M Video Modes - For those who like to manually control video mode and settings on the camera, you have the option with this camera to control the .

Flip Screen - The flip screen is a godsend to any vlogger! You're able to flip the screen up 180 Degrees so you can see exactly what you're shooting and ensuring that you're in the frame.

LOW LIGHT - Thanks to the 5 Axis In Body Image Stabilisation and processor in this camera, it performs well in a variety of lighting conditions.

Build Quality - The build quality is what you would expect from a Sony, its well built, light and portable.


  • 1080p HD Quality
  • 5 Axis image stabilisation
  • WiFi App transfer for Pictures and video
  • Good Low Lighting!
  • Flip Screen


  • One of the more expensive cameras


If you're looking for a flip screen vlogging camera on a budget the DSCHX80/B will not disappoint! Loaded with impressive features such as 1080p HD, 5 Axis Image Stabilisation, this camera is the one to beat!

Canon ELPH 360

  • Video Quality: 1080p HD
  • Image Quality: 20.2MP
  • Type: Point & Shoot
  • Image Stabilisation: Yes

The ELPH 360 is a vlogger classic, it really brings all the key features of a vlogging camera together at a price you can afford on a budget.

Video Quality - The ELPH 360 records in 1080p HD, using its Digic 4 processor for impressive imagery and video capture with its 20.2MP CMOS sensor that will bring photos and videos to life! 

Low Lighting - The processor on the camera allows it to perform well in low lighting situations paired with its intelligent Image stabilisation and OIS makes vlogging a breeze!

Build Quality & Ease of Use- The ELPH 360 has a great build quality, its sleek and slim with easy to use features and functionalities. 

Bundle Kit - The bundle kit is the same price as a camera by itself, so new vloggers or those who want to upgrade their camera are getting a huge discount with an extra battery, carry case, mini tripod and an SD card you're all set up and ready to vlog!


  • 1080p HD
  • Optical Image Stabilisation
  • Bundle is a bargain!
  • Low Lighting Ability
  • Build Quality


  • Microphone could be better but still great!


For this price point, the ELPH 360 Bundle is an absolute steal and perfect for vlogging containing everything you need to get set up to start recording videos that your audience will enjoy!  The ELPH 360 brings the necessary features while vlogging such as Full HD, Optical Image Stabilisation and Intelligent IS, as well as great low lighting ability for a variety of lighting situations!

Lumix ZS50

  • Video Resolution: 1080p HD
  • Image Quality: 20.1MP
  • Type: Point & Shoot
  • Image Stabilisation: Yes

This is the previous version of the ZS60, the ZS50 is about $50 bucks cheaper at the time of writing. If you're looking for a compact that combines great HD video quality along with low lighting ability and not too costly then this Panasonic Lumix is a contender!

Video Quality - This Lumix records in 1080p to give you great video quality. The cameras video features perform well in well lit scenarios such as outdoors or well lit indoor situations.

In low lighting and dimly lit scenarios as you pump up the ISO the quality suffers with increased noise however if you have good lighting this shouldn't be a problem! Simply adding an LED Light or Ring light solves this problem!

Image Stabilisation - the image stabilisation in this camera is excellent and stops any shaky video when vlogging while walking around.

The camera doesn't have an external microphone jack, but isn't expected from a camera in this price range. The onboard camera however performs quite well as long as you do not have external factors such as wind interfering with the microphone.

The build quality of this camera is well built, easy to use and the dials and buttons are logically placed and easy to reach. Its lightweight and very portable, which is ideal in vlog cameras.


  • Image Stabilisation
  • 1080p HD Video
  • Great Build Quality


  • No Microphone Jack
  • $50 More for 4K on ZS60


The ZS50 is a perfect vlogging camera, featuring 1080p HD video, Panasonic's strong build quality and beautiful picture quality this vlogging camera is ideal for those who are looking to upgrade their existing camera or start vlogging. At over $50 cheaper than the ZS60, you can grab a bargain!

Canon Vixia HF R800

  • Video Quality: 1080p HD
  • Type: Camcorder
  • Video Stabilisation: Yes

This Canon Camcorder has made it onto the list and is one of the more popular youtube cameras for YouTubers who are looking to start out with a Video only camera. 

Video Quality - This camera shoots 1080p 60 fps to give you great looking video with great colour, it also includes optical image stabilisation to ensure a shake free video.

Digic 4 Processor - The Digic 4 processor reduces noise and produces natural colour in difficult light conditions in your video to give you video that you can share with the world.

Flip Screen - The Vixia is another camera that gives you a fully articulating flip screen similar to that in DSLR cameras. The flip screen is touch sensitive and allows you to track moving objects in the frame while you're shooting video, which is pretty impressive!

Battery - The battery and overall performance on the Vixia is great compared to its compact counterparts, due to the fact its made primarily for video.


  • Quite cheap
  • 1080p HD quality
  • Electronic Image stabilisation
  • Flip Screen


  • Older Digic 4 Processor


For those looking for camcorders or video focused cameras, the VIXIA is ideal! YouTubers such as JennXPenn and Joey Graceffa all started with Canon VIXIA's to record their 1080p HD content. This camcorder provides great battery capacity, plus an articulating flip screen to view your scene while you're recording your videos.

Canon Powershot SX620

  • Video Quality : 1080p HD
  • Image Quality: 20.2MP
  • Type: Point & Shoot

This canon vlogging camera, the Canon SX620 is a great camera for vlogging, at a price affordable to get you into vlogging. It features similar specs to the HF R800 in a smaller more compact body. Perfect for vlogging on the go.

Video Quality - The SX620 sports 1080p HD Video quality Similar to the Vixia HFR800. It features a 20.2 MP CMOS Sensor that shoots great looking video with relatively low noise in situations where light can be tricky thanks to its digic 4 processor.

One of the features we liked in this camera was the intelligent image stabilisation which reduces the amount of shakiness while recording.

Build Quality - The SX620 is lightweight, durable and portable, making it ideal to carry around to capture those vloggable moments throughout everyday life!

WiFi And NFC Transfer - Simplicity is key for most people, thats why the SX620 has built in WiFI and NFC transfer. This makes it easy to transfer photos and videos with ease to your phone or tablet and upload to platforms like YouTube or Facebook.


  • 1080p HD quality
  • Electronic image stabilisation
  • Simple Video and Image Transfer via Canon App
  • Stunning Build Quality


  • Audio Quality is okay
  • Battery could be better

Yi 4K+

  • Video Quality: 4K
  • Image Quality:
  • Type: Action
  • Stabilisation: Electronic

The Yi 4K+ Is the perfect action vlogging camera, with a cheap price point, good video quality and a lot of features its competing with the likes of the GoPro Hero7.

Video Quality - We're gonna be up front and frank about this, even though this says 4K video its really not true 4K. This cameras upscaled 4K Video. The Yi does however perform great in 1080p at 60FPS which will give you stunning video quality.

Slow Motion Video - The Yi 4K takes impressive B-Roll footage for example slow motion shots of action footage like snowboarding, skiiing, or skateboarding.

It also features a 3 Inch a touch screen on the camera that performs well however, sometimes it can be unresponsive at times.

The battery on the camera performs quite well in comparison to its go pro competitor and records video for up to 2 hours.

The downsides to this camera are that it doesn't have the best audio quality, which is expected as its an action camera. If you're looking for a primary vlogging camera, I would go with another one, but if you're looking for a secondary action camera on a budget the Yi 4k is perfect!


  • Great 1080p HD quality
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Great for sports and action vlogging


  • Not true 4k Quality
  • Audio Quality not the best
  • Battery not fantastic


If you're looking into action vlogging and want impressive specs on a budget the Yi 4K Is one of the most affordable action cameras out there comparing well to the GoPro series of cameras. Shooting impressive video quality at 1080p and upscaled 4K, you will be taking this on many adventures!

Logitech C922X

  • Video Quality: 1080p HD
  • Type: USB Webcam
  • Autofocus: Great

As far as cheap cameras for YouTube this is one of the cheapest and most effective. If you're looking for something that will shoot 1080p HD on a budget mainly shooting from your Laptop or PC which is suitable for Gaming and Live Streaming!

This webcam has an array of features that you may find impressive such as 1080p HD video quality, 2 built in stereo microphones and the ability to remove the background from the scene. This is perfect for streamers wether you're streaming on YouTube or Twitch.

The webcam is very easy to use, its basically plug and play and works with both Windows and Mac, however the background removal feature isn't available on Mac.

The great thing about webcam setups is that you can record voice through dedicated microphones such as the Rode NT USB or any other audio input devices you may have through your laptop or computer for better sound quality!


  • Cheap Price
  • Webcam with 1080p
  • Good Microphone Can use USB/MIC Input on PC/MAC


  • Needs Good Lighting


If you're looking to primarily get into Live streaming or making daily sit down vlogs, then this may be the camera for you! Dozens of gaming streamers use Logitech's cameras as their main face cam during streams on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook!

ELPH 190

  • Video Quality: 720P
  • Image Quality: 20.2 MP
  • Low Lighting: Good
  • Type: Point & Shoot

The Elph 190 is one of the cheapest cameras for YouTube on the list.

It shoots in 720 HD quality, which isnt full HD. If youre new to vlogging and you want to get the swing of learning how to vlog, then this may be the camera for you. The camera's auto settings make it easy to get the best settings for taking video detecting the scene and more.

Digic 4 Processor - The digic 4 processor as seen in more expensive cameras such as the SX620, this processor reduces the amount of noise in the picture and works great for low lighting situations if you're recording video.

Easy Transfer - The camera can transfer Photos and Video through WiFI and NFC to your Phone, Tablet and PC. Making it an ideal camera for YouTube to upload your videos!

Ease of Use - The camera is very easy to use, the buttons are placed well and even has a help button to provide easy explinations on how to use your camera and its settings. This is perfect for an entry level vlogger who wants to try out vlogging and learn the creative process of creating videos with a camera that performs well!


  • Great video for 720P
  • Cheaply Priced Camera
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Great First Vlogging Camera


  • Lacks Full HD Video Standard

What To Look For in A Budget YoUTube Camera

If you're looking for cameras for YouTube you should look out for a variety of factors such as:

Video Quality - the video quality or video resolution of a camera should be at least the YouTube Standard of 1080p HD. This is the current standard of video on the platform, going for a camera less than that is not advised unless you're only starting to vlog and want to give it a try.

As we move into a new age of vlogging and technology, 4K cameras will continue to drop in price, internet connections will get good enough to stream 4K very easily and be the new standard of video but that is in a few years time. A 1080p HD camera will last you a good few years before this happens, by then you may be YouTubes next up and coming vlogger!

Image Stabilisation - Image stabilisation is definitely a life saver for many vloggers, we all can record video but if you're on the move and recording with a camera in your hand you can expect some shaky footage. You can always try and edit it to make it less shaky but with cameras with 5 Axis image stabilisation, Optical Image stabilisation or "intelligent/ electronic" image stabilisation it will stabilise the video as you record so it looks smooth and not jittery throughout the video!

Low Light Performance - Low light performance is great on a camera especially when your filming in a variety of lighting situations. Cameras with bigger sensors such as a 1 inch CMOS that is seen in the Sony RX100, capture a lot more light than other cameras such as the ELPH 360.

If a camera doesn't perform well in low light conditions you may see a lot of noise in the picture, which looks grainy. Cameras such as the Sony and Canon SX620 perform well in low light due to their processors and sensor.

You can also invest in lighting setups, light rings or create your own lighting setup with home lights.

Auto Focus - Auto Focus is also a great quality to have in a vlogging camera due to the fact you may be the subject of focus, if it can focus on you while you're moving around it is one less thing to worry about while you're recording your vlog. there is nothing worse than an out of focus video. You may not always be behind the camera or the camera may not have a flip screen The Sony camera and Canon Cameras perform well with Autofocus.

Portability - one of the main aspects of a camera for YouTube for some vloggers is portability. Small Light point and shoot cameras are ideal but it all depends on what you want to do with the camera. If you're someone who stays in a fixed location to vlog you may go with a camera such as the Vixia or even a webcam like the C920 X. If you're an on the go vlogger you may want something more portable, like the SX620 or the DSCHX80 which are well built, and sleek.

How Much Should I spend On A YouTube Camera?

As far as YouTube Cameras go it really depends on your budget. For a HD Camera, you should be looking to spend at least $200 to get a camera that provides everything you need to produce a great vlog.

Investing in camera over this range guarantees you a great camera that will be good use to you over the next few years.

If you have a bigger budget of 400+ I would recommend checking out our Best Vlogging Cameras article, where we list some of the best vlogging cameras out there. These cameras will last a longer time frame due to their specifications. 

What Equipment do YoUTubers Use?

There are many different types of YouTubers. 

Vlogging YouTubers - These YouTubers primarily use Point and Shoot Cameras such as the ones mentioned above and mirrorless cameras to record their vlogs.

Why Point and Shoot Cameras?
Point and Shoot cameras are lightweight, portable and easy to use, they also can pack a lot of features that are desirable for vlogging such as HD Video quality, Image Stabilisation and Low Lighting ability. This is why vloggers tend to use them while they vlog.

The most popular one does not feature on this list due to the price point is the Canon G7X II, which is a top rated camera with a price point to match.

Action Cameras
The Action camera we would recommend on a budget is the Yi 4K. Action cameras can be used in a variety of ways. To film in the first person by attaching it to a helmet, capture some beautiful B-Roll Footage by attaching it to a car or drone or simply vlogging with your action camera.

Gaming YouTubers & Streamers

Gaming YouTubers normally use webcams such as the C920 or C922X for their videos as well as a vlogging cameras. These webcams are inexpensive and provide great video quality for streamers for their live streams! They're also a great choice as you can use external audio input choices such as USB microphones or headset to record your audio with better quality than the webcam would.

They also use tripods, our best budget tripod we recommend to vloggers is the Manfrotto Pixi. This is a small tripod that fits in your hand, which is perfect for on the go vlogging and comes in very cheaply. If you're looking for a full sized tripod on a budget we would recommend the Amazon Value tripod which works just as well as other tripods.

YouTubers can also use external microphones, however with these cameras there isn't microphone jacks to facilitate this however you can use something like the 

How to Get the Most Out Of YOur Budget YouTube Camera

Play with the settings - You can get the most out of your camera by tinkering with the settings on the camera, you may find settings that will work with your vlogging space, in terms of exposure and aperture. It really depends on the camera but there are a ton of guides available on websites and even YouTube Tutorials!

Video Editing - Video Editing will help you get a lot out of your camera, You can do a lot after you record your videos such as add video and sound effects, colour correction, and more! Video editing is where you can get creative and bring your video to new levels!

Invest in equipment - Equipment is an essential for vlogging wether you like it for not. Tripod is probably one of the best investments you can make when you're vlogging. When you're vlogging at home in a stationary position you could use a full sized tripod however, if you're vlogging out and about we would recommend a Manfrotto Pixi, which is a mini tripod that fits in the palm of your hand. This also works well inside you can place it on a table or counter to record your videos!

Develop your own style - Through creating videos, editing and refining your process you're sure to develop your own video style. You can take hints off other YouTubers by watching their videos if you happen to like their style or watching How To Tutorials on creating videos but ultimately create your own that suits you and your style of video making!