The Boyfriend Tag Questions

The Boyfriend Tag

We Youtubers watch a lot of videos and one we have seen every lifestyle or vlogger do is the BF GF tag to introduce their boyfriend or girlfriend to their YouTube Audience, which is one of the sweetest moments of all.  So here at YouTube Society, we’re known for YouTube Tag Questions and we’re delighted … Read more The Boyfriend Tag Questions

Accent Challenge Questions

Accent Challenges are a fun way of spending time with friends (especially the ellen accent challenge!) or a great idea for a video if youre making an accent challenge tag video or even collaborating with another YouTuber, this challenge is a definite go to! Below we have both accent challenges with plenty of questions and … Read more Accent Challenge Questions

Best Friend Tag Questions

Best Friend Tag

Best Friend Tag is a tag that will test you and your best friend’s friendship and knowledge of each other, with best friends it feels like you know them your whole life and knows everything about them from sharing memories, doing crazy things together and knowing every embarrassing detail of each other’s life. What is … Read more Best Friend Tag Questions